George Madjitey, the chief executive officer of GEM Industrial Solutions, demonstrates how a drone works in Asutsuare village, Ghana, August 2, 2019.

Drones helping farmers control pests, and keep kids in school

In addition to helping farmers map fields and fertilize more efficiently, they also annoy pests

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thomson Reuters Foundation – Ephraim Kofi Kenney does not like to work in the fields scaring pests away. But today he must. A flock of migratory birds has repeatedly invaded his parents’ rice plot outside Accra, Ghana’s capital, and the 16-year-old has been tasked with keeping the invaders away from the young crop. If he […] Read more

A cow is seen after drinking water from a wadi in the Kenya-Somalia border town of Liboi, July 29, 2011.

Solar energy cools milk, making dairy farms more profitable in Kenya

Unreliable electricity has made cooling milk difficult in the country

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thomson Reuters Foundation – Four years ago, Njeru Kamuru nearly quit dairy farming. But when he learned that a solar-powered milk-cooling plant was to be built in his Kenyan village, he changed his mind. Before then, Kamuru said, he struggled to sell more than half of the 12 litres of milk his two cows gave […] Read more