Agricultural societies, like the Paris Fair, have access to funding even without hosting a 2020 fair.

Fair funds help Ontario ag societies survive

Larger organizations that host many events in a year are hurting financially

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recent OMAFRA funding for agricultural and horticultural societies will help, but larger exhibitions are having serious challenges. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) expanded the eligibility for agriculture societies’ annual grant application to help offset the financial losses brought on by COVID-19. For 2020 nearly $1 million are available to all […] Read more

Sudden death syndrome is easy to identify as the leaves remain green around the main vein and major lateral veins.

High disease pressure, low impact

Late onset of soy sudden death syndrome should mean fewer yield challenges

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sudden death syndrome (SDS), a common disease found in soybeans, is showing up across the province but should be of limited yield impact this year due to its late onset. “We have seen a higher instance of sudden death syndrome than most years. We had quite a bit of it in 2018. Last year we […] Read more

A dry bean research plot at the Huron Research Station.

Desiccant options continue to decline for dry beans

Use of chemicals on dry beans increasingly depends on requirements of end users

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario dry bean growers continue to search for alternatives to use as a desiccant after buyers rejected the further use of glyphosate as a pre-harvest burndown in 2019. Limitations on other chemicals are beginning to follow. Why it matters: Farmers need to be vigilant on weed control with dry and edible beans as desiccant restrictions […] Read more

Dacs Mag Fan.

Latest farming innovations highlighted at Canada’s Digital Farm Show

Third annual Innovations Showcase helps farmers locate new innovations in Canadian agriculture

Reading Time: 12 minutes Canada’s Digital Farm Show is a great opportunity for farmers to view and experience the latest and greatest innovations and products within the Canadian agriculture industry. This is the third year for the show’s Innovation Showcase, making it easier for farmers to know what is available or new at the show. Exhibitors were asked to […] Read more

Consumers have been choosing healthier foods, especially local fruits and vegetables, as the pandemic wears on.

Consumers look to healthy food post-COVID lockdown

Comfort, less healthy foods were popular early in the pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jane Dummer, a registered dietitian, says the pandemic has caused changes in Canadian eating habits. “If you had asked me in September, ‘would we have run out of baking needs, flour and toilet paper in a pandemic?’ I would have said no, especially because originally the pandemic, COVID-19, was really identified as only respiratory, and […] Read more

VIDEO: Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome

Field Talk with Bob Thirlwall: How to identify SDS and its impact on yield

Reading Time: < 1 minute On this edition of Field Talk, Farmtario reporter Jennifer Glenney speaks with Bob Thirlwall, market development agronomist with Bayer CropScience, about what you should look for when identifying Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans and a link he’s seen to soybean cyst nematode during soil tests.

c in tidy and clean indoor housing farm, with pig mother feeding piglet

Hog producers lose money, request changes to risk management

Canadian Pork Council takes different approach to extract government funds

Reading Time: 4 minutes What was looking like a profitable year for Ontario pork producers has turned into a wreck. That’s prompted the Canadian Pork Council to come up with a hybrid proposal to fix income supports under AgriStability in a desperate bid to help the sector navigate the market chaos created by COVID-19. While most of the industry’s […] Read more

The new tool in Climate FieldView can create scripts for variable application of crop protection products.

New tool allows scripting of crop protection products

The Climate FieldView tool creates special management zones in fields

Reading Time: 3 minutes Climate FieldView has released a new manual crop protection prescription that allows farmers to create variable-rate scripts for any zone in their field. The new feature works for fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators to help growers create special management zones within each field, and assign product rates to each region while following label directions. […] Read more

The cover crops were planted with a drill at V4 corn stage.

Trial looks at cover crops in 60-inch corn

Increased sunlight exposure to the soil is thought to help the establishment of cover crops

Reading Time: 2 minutes A demonstration project south of Clinton is looking at 60-inch row corn, over traditional 30-inch row corn, to better establish cover crops. It is thought that the wider row corn can increase the light penetration to the soil, increasing the ability for cover crop establishment. The impact on corn yield or the following year’s soybean […] Read more