Trump lifts curbs on E15 gasoline

Washington | Reuters — The Trump administration on Friday lifted restrictions on the sale of higher ethanol blends of gasoline, keeping a campaign promise to farmers suffering from the trade war with China but inviting a legal challenge from the oil industry. The announcement allows gasoline stations to sell blends containing up to 15 per […] Read more

USDA facing fund cuts

Trump proposes cuts as farmers grapple with their worst crisis in decades due in part to the tariff wars

Washington | Reuters – United States President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget has proposed a 15 per cent cut for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, calling its subsidies to farmers “overly generous” at a time when farmers are going through the worst crisis in decades due to depressed commodity prices and trade tariffs. The president’s budget […] Read more

U.S. farmer debt-to-asset ratios are steady due to farmland keeping its value.

Economic challenges mean U.S. farm bankruptcies are up but land prices hold steady

USDA says farm real estate prices holding up, but the potential for a fall is there

Reuters – The United States Department of Agriculture is concerned about a potential decline in farmland real estate prices, but has seen no sign of that happening so far, said USDA chief economist Robert Johansson. Farmland prices are a key pillar of equity for the U.S. agricultural heartland, which has been suffering from lingering weakness […] Read more