Sheep graze between apple trees at Carrie Woolley and Brett Schuyler’s farm.

Sheep pastures expanded into orchards, woodlots

Norfolk County producers were winners of sheep pasture award

Reading Time: 3 minutes Adding hay and sheep to the output from land that continues as an apple orchard certainly seems like an idea with merit. Add to that the pasturing of sheep and even geese in once-neglected woodlots, and grazing on corn stalks into the early winter, and it’s not surprising the innovations of Norfolk County’s Schuyler Farms […] Read more

Ravens can injure or kill lambs and are hard to control because of their intelligence.

Ravens a serious threat to Ontario sheep farmers

Study shows no significant control options, but there are ways to reduce risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes A 2019 study has found that there are limited ways to control ravens which prey on lambs. Jillian Craig, small ruminant specialist with OMAFRA, undertook the study last summer, to better understand raven predation within Ontario. The three-part project included a province-wide survey to collect information on the magnitude of raven predation within Ontario sheep […] Read more

Ontario extends RMP deadlines for crops, livestock

Move won't create coverage gaps, Agricorp says

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ontario grain, oilseed and livestock producers will get extra time to apply for, make changes to or cancel coverage under the provincial Risk Management Program (RMP). Agricorp, the province’s ag program delivery agency, announced Wednesday the new deadline for applications or coverage changes for 2020 will be June 30. The previous deadlines to apply or […] Read more

Cattle inventories continue to decline, StatsCan says

Canada's hog herd also down on year

Reading Time: < 1 minute MarketsFarm — Canada’s cattle herd in 2019 continued on its generally consistent path of declining numbers, according to new data Statistics Canada released Tuesday. Aside from a few slight increases in 2012, 2013 and 2018, Canadian cattle inventories have moved lower since 2005. At 11.2 million head, the reported number of cattle on farms in […] Read more

Editorial: National voices in agriculture sectors should be a priority

Reading Time: 3 minutes A national voice for each of the major agriculture sectors is important, but increasingly splinters have appeared in many areas, including grains, dairy and sheep. This has happened before, and unfortunately it happens during challenging times in the sector, when a national voice is most needed. Financial, trade and policy challenges have appeared more in […] Read more

Colombia cleared of foot-and-mouth

Country now aims to double meat exports

Reading Time: < 1 minute Bogota | Reuters — Colombia will look to double its meat exports now it has regained its status as a country free of foot-and-mouth disease, President Ivan Duque said on Thursday. Foot-and-mouth is a highly contagious viral disease found in animals and is one of the most serious to affect livestock, including cattle, sheep and […] Read more

A portable shade structure has been popular with the sheep at Kate Michalska’s farm near Napanee.

Locally raised fibre targets premium markets

Predator protection and low-stress handling are key to achieving higher quality fibre

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cleanliness and stress avoidance are important factors in meeting the demand for high quality wool and animal-based fibre products raised on Ontario farms. Those points were made during a session led by two Napanee-area producers during the recent annual conference of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (EFAO). Why it matters: The premium prices available […] Read more

There’s been a national breakup in Canada's sheep sector for several years.

New Ontario group joins sheep federation

Other Ontario, Alberta and Quebec groups left the Canadian Sheep Federation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Updated Jan. 9 The Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus, a new network of Ontario sheep farmers, involved in production of breeding stock, market lambs, wool and sheep’s milk, has been accepted into the Canadian Sheep Federation. Fred Baker, an Ontario sheep producer, and interim chair of the Ontario Lamb Producers Caucus (OLPC) said that “OLPC membership […] Read more

New chair and vice chair elected for National Sheep Network

Alberta and Quebec representatives fill top roles

Reading Time: < 1 minute A new chair was elected for the National Sheep Network during a recent meeting held in Ontario. Ryan Greir from Alberta was elected chair for the organization, with Pierre Lessard of Quebec, elected vice-chair. Currently, Greir is vice-chair of the Alberta Lamb Producers and farms east of Strathmore, Alta. “It’s an exciting time to step […] Read more

The value of having two national sheep organizations continues to be discussed in the sector.

Two national sheep organizations remain after Ontario AGM

Defeated resolution would have allowed producers to decide who represents them on a national level

Reading Time: 2 minutes A resolution to allow Ontario sheep farmers to vote on who represents them nationally was defeated at the Ontario annual meeting. Why it matters: Two national organizations means funds to support sheep farmers across the country are split. The OSF left the Canadian Sheep Federation and created the National Sheep Network with Alberta and Quebec. […] Read more