India’s controversial farm bills become law despite protests

Reading Time: < 1 minute New Delhi | Reuters — India’s president on Sunday approved three controversial agricultural bills amid nationwide protests by farmers who say the new laws will stunt their bargaining power and instead allow large retailers to have control over pricing. Farmers’ organizations say one of the three laws could lead to the government stopping buying grain […] Read more

Indian cabinet minister quits over farm legislation

Reading Time: 2 minutes New Delhi | Reuters — India’s minister for food processing resigned on Thursday over her opposition to planned laws to allow farmers to sell produce directly to bulk buyers and make contract farming easier, saying the legislation will hurt millions of the country’s farmers. “Proud to stand with farmers as their daughter and sister,” Harsimrat […] Read more

John Baker is one of the leaders of the new joint marketing committee of Beef Farmers of Ontario and the Ontario Cattle Feeders Association.

Branded beef becoming the market standard

Beef brands are helping Ontario product in Japan, but also imported product in Ontario

Reading Time: 3 minutes Exports, taking advantage of Ontario’s strong market and building long-term brands will be key to the future of beef market growth for Ontario producers. Work is underway on a major new marketing investment in the province. Beef farmers approved an increase in checkoff at the 2019 Why it matters: Ontario beef farmers approved a higher […] Read more

Fraser: In ag marketing, emotions need to start trumping facts

Emotional transparency 'actually goes a long way'

Reading Time: 3 minutes Go to an agricultural event and someone will inevitably point out how bad farmers are at getting their message to consumers. As annoying as it is, those comments underscore an increasingly important theme in Canadian agriculture: communication. It used to be enough to grow and market your crops, but that has changed dramatically over the […] Read more

If consumers don’t know what the word “agvocate” means, maybe it’s time to change it up with something more identifiable.

Comment: Should agriculture advocacy become activism?

The term ‘agvocate’ has made the agriculture sector feel good but probably doesn’t resonate with consumers

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Activist — A person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.” “Activism — Consists of efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society.” The word “activist” appears to be a word that has gone mainstream. There are human rights […] Read more

Comment: Consumers are driving the bus on food

They want product segmentation and most importantly, to understand the story (and people) behind their food

Reading Time: 3 minutes I recently finished Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, The Thank You Economy, a book published in 2011 about the ever-changing consumer. It discusses how thinking with a consumer-centered mindset and putting consumers at the heart of everything you do would be the future for any brand or business to serve consumers. It’s hard to believe Vaynerchuk’s book […] Read more

Editorial: Lessons from the European market

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are opportunities in Europe for Canadian agriculture and food products, but we have to learn to play their game if we want a piece of the lucrative export market. I recently spent a couple of weeks in Europe visiting relatives and travelling with family. When travelling we make our own meals when we can, […] Read more

Editorial: Selling the story of food to reach consumers

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are several forces driving change in the way consumers act, and food companies and farmers need to make sure they’re ahead of them. At this point they are not, and are stuck in traditional boxes that are constraining to growth. The world is connecting via digital and social media into like-minded cabals. For whatever […] Read more

Ontario beef checkoff to rise by $1.50

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario beef farmers have approved an increase of $1.50 in checkoff per animal to fund an ambitious industry-wide marketing effort for Ontario beef. Producers at the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) annual meeting in Mississauga on Wednesday voted 87 per cent in favour of the plan. A similar plan was rejected at last year’s annual […] Read more

Consider hedging against rate hikes, farmers advised

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — The Bank of Canada has raised its benchmark interest rate to 1.5 per cent, marking the fourth time it has raised rates since last summer. The increase from 1.25 per cent is the base rate retail banks pay for short-term loans, but consumer rates for mortgages, lines of credit and other loans […] Read more