Pulse weekly outlook: Lentil exports ahead of last year’s pace

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — Canada’s lentil exports have been good this year, according to Marlene Boersch of Mercantile Consulting Venture in Winnipeg. “At the end of April we were 26 per cent ahead of last year’s pace. Most of that is due to buying from India. Everybody’s surprised,” she said, Total lentil exports were 1.16 million tonnes […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Chickpea prices remain low, future bright

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — Lower prices are expected to lead to a drop in Canadian chickpea acres in 2019, but the future is bright for the crop as new consumer markets gain popularity. Seeded acres for chickpeas almost quadrupled between 2017 and 2018, rising from 160,000 to 442,900, respectively. Since inventory from the 2018 growing season is […] Read more

Near-normal monsoon expected in India

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — Monsoon rains in India are expected to be near normal in 2019, according to the first long-range forecast of the year from the India Meteorological Department. The southwest monsoon typically runs from June through September. It provides crucial moisture for the country’s agriculture sector, as it accounts for roughly 70 per cent of […] Read more

Lower prices, relative profitability tug at chickpea acres

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — Since chickpea prices fell rapidly during last year’s harvest, the jury is out as to what the chickpea market holds this year. “Acres are going to be down this year because the price isn’t what it was a year ago,” said Melody Ector, president of Diefenbaker Spice and Pulse at Elbow, Sask. Prices […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Attractive lentil prices may boost acres

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — As prices for both red and green lentils stay firm, experts have predicted lentil acreage across Canada to increase for the 2019 growing season. Carryover from past crops has been negligible in previous years, and what had been produced was quickly sold throughout the year. “This helps farmers’ confidence,” said Tanvir Zaidi, CEO […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Green pea premium to erode with acreage increase

Reading Time: 1 minute MarketsFarm — Green peas continue to command a sizeable premium over their yellow counterparts in Western Canada, which should see acreage shift this spring and an eventual rebalancing of the price spread. Green peas usually trade at a premium to yellow peas due to higher quality specs and concerns over bleaching, but the current price […] Read more

Trump moves to scrap trade privilege for India

Reading Time: 3 minutes Washington/New Delhi | Reuters — U.S. President Donald Trump looked set to open a new front in his trade wars with a plan to end preferential trade treatment for India that allows duty-free entry for up to US$5.6 billion worth of its exports to the United States. Monday’s move comes as trade tensions between the […] Read more