France bans killing of male chicks

France bans killing of male chicks

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters – France’s agriculture minister has announced a ban on the killing of male chicks by crushing or gassing, effective next year. The practice has been denounced as barbaric by animal welfare groups, and they will push for a similar measure at European level.  Each year, 50 million male chicks are culled in this way, […] Read more

The UK legislation could allow someone to potentially secure damages in the courts on behalf of an animal for unnecessary pain and suffering.

UK formally recognizes animals as sentient beings

The move could have legal ramifications for farmers and others who look after animals

Reading Time: 4 minutes The United Kingdom has formally recognized animals as sentient beings, which could have an effect on global regulations related to animals. In mid-May, the United Kingdom released the Action Plan for Animal Welfare that included recognizing animals as sentient beings and triggering higher maximum penalties for animal cruelty and new fines for people who harm […] Read more

Studies find that calves in pairs have better socialization and higher average daily gains.

Housing pre-weaned calves in pairs shows benefits

Higher levels of socialization leads to better daily gains, say researchers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Housing pre-weaned dairy calves in pairs has been increasing in popularity in the U.S. and Canada in recent years, and with good reason – research and on-farm evidence shows that it can result in better growth rates and increased welfare at weaning.  For decades the tradition has been to house calves individually in the pre-weaning […] Read more

It didn’t take long for the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act to draw a legal challenge.

Activists challenge Bill 156 constitutionality

Filings suggest appeal would be based on Charter rights and arrest provisions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Animal Justice and two co-applicants caused a media stir in March by submitting an application challenging the constitutionality of what they call Ontario’s “ag-gag” law.  The Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act, 2020, colloquially known as Bill 156, is aimed at deterring activist disruptions of farm and food processors, and closing the gap […] Read more

Eggs with the Respeggt logo are now for sale in Germany, at a significant premium.

Technologies driven by demand for cull-free eggs

Respeggt brand eggs now available in German supermarkets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fuelled by the perception that many consumers want an end to the mass culling of male chicks, early-incubation gender identification of eggs continues to be a focus for researchers. A presentation at the recent Eurotier farm show in Germany, held virtually, indicated a German-Dutch collaboration may have the lead in bringing an effective technology to […] Read more

Understanding how to source the needed trailers and gates is critical to controlling a livestock accident situation.

First responder livestock training goes virtual

Containment and material sourcing emphasized in response to transportation crises

Reading Time: 2 minutes Getting livestock out of a downed truck can be tricky, but keeping them calm and together afterwards can be even tougher.  Farm and Food Care Ontario is tackling the problem in an online series of livestock emergency training workshops.  Why it matters: First responders require expertise in animal rescue and handling — as well as […] Read more

Limiting the amount of time a cow is in headlocks, so they can spend time lying or eating has an effect on milk production and cow health.

Just let them be cows

Cow comfort has evolved to include natural behaviours

Reading Time: 3 minutes Less time standing on concrete, less time in headlock gates, less stress and more time expressing natural instincts are the modern-day keys to what is an evolving understanding of cow comfort for dairy cattle. “Let them eat without stress, let them rest without stress, and let them calve without stress,” said world-recognized cow behaviour specialist […] Read more

“No Trespassing” signs aren’t required on farmland, but they are recommended so there’s no ambiguity.

Bill 156 sees court challenge from animal activist groups

Special farmland provisions not new in law

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last year’s passage of the Security of Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act granted special protection to many Ontario livestock producers, but as attendees at the recent 2021 London Farm Show were reminded, it’s nothing new for farmland to be singled out under the law. Nonetheless, several provisions of the new law, Bill 156, are […] Read more

Commodity groups and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture are looking for clarity from the province on Animal Protection Zone signage.

Clarity sought on Animal Protection Zone protocols

Livestock commodity associations and OFA working with government to clear up any confusion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Livestock producers are lighting up social media with confusion around Bill 156 Animal Protection Zone (APZ) signage protocols. A Facebook farming page thread with more than 100 entries discussed and questioned where signage was required, what signs looked like and if signage provided before the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act (formerly called […] Read more

Andy Jakubowski, told the Banff Pork Seminar that pigs piling when they were cold told them they had a ventilation problem.

Cameras tell the story of animal behaviour

A hog farm finds much can be learned when employees aren’t in a barn

Reading Time: 2 minutes When looking for answers to problems with barn operations, make sure to ask the pigs. Pillen Family Farms was trying to figure out why its new nursery barns weren’t performing as well as some old ones, so they turned to video cameras as a way to better understand the behaviour of pigs when workers weren’t […] Read more