Ravens can injure or kill lambs and are hard to control because of their intelligence.

Ravens a serious threat to Ontario sheep farmers

Study shows no significant control options, but there are ways to reduce risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes A 2019 study has found that there are limited ways to control ravens which prey on lambs. Jillian Craig, small ruminant specialist with OMAFRA, undertook the study last summer, to better understand raven predation within Ontario. The three-part project included a province-wide survey to collect information on the magnitude of raven predation within Ontario sheep […] Read more

Sandhill Cranes continue to cause damage

Reading Time: < 1 minute A resolution to allow seed treatments for control of Sandhill Cranes was passed at the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association annual meeting. The cranes dig up seeds and other crops such as potatoes and cause significant damage when they stop in North Ontario. Mac Emiry, who farms in the Sudbury district has heard that […] Read more

The study was recently published in Science and has concluded that imidacloprid is a threat to songbirds, said Margaret Eng, a post-doctoral fellow in the University of Saskatchewan’s Toxicology Centre and lead author of the study.

New neonic study points to songbird decline

The research, conducted in Ontario, says the insecticide suppresses appetite, disrupting migration

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The findings of a University of Saskatchewan and York University study may affect the fate of insecticide seed treatments in Canada. The study, which was published Sept. 13 in the scientific journal Science, has concluded that imidacloprid is a threat to songbirds. White crowned sparrows that consumed seeds coated with the insecticide […] Read more

The changes have simplified how evidence for claims can be provided.

The new look for the wildlife damage compensation program

There have been several changes to the program to make it easier for farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program has changed. The program is designed to help farmers whose livestock, poultry or bees have been killed or injured by predators. Why it matters: The changes are designed improve access to compensation once livestock is lost to predators. Some key changes include: More ways to provide sufficient evidence to […] Read more

Farmers who sign on to projects are also compensated for the time required to manage and maintain each project, on a 
per-acre basis.

Conservation planning is about more than the environment

ALUS project numbers continue to grow across the province

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is it possible to grow better crops by removing specific areas from production? Some Ontario farmers participating in Alternative Land Use Services conservation programs think so. They say they also see conservation projects as beneficial to the overall profitability of their farm business. Why it matters: On-farm conservation is expensive, but given the right partners, […] Read more