Editorial: Regulatory agility critical to ag innovation

The pandemic has shown that governments can make decisions quickly

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the lessons of the pandemic and response to it by governments and regulatory agencies is that regulatory agility is possible. COVID-19 vaccines have been approved with record speed, and from what I can find, the government says that the same vigour of process has also been applied. The only point missing is long-term […] Read more

Comment: Vaccines need national co-ordination

Reading Time: 3 minutes The federal government should be taking a more assertive position in the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines. When the first batch of vaccines arrived in Canada, Ottawa released recommendations on who should receive the first doses — but the ultimate discretion was left to individual provinces. Recommendations, according to the federal government, were made to […] Read more

Food processing plants have been COVID-19 hot spots.

Food processing workers get Phase 2 vaccine access

Meat processors and investigators eligible for COVID vaccines in next phase

Reading Time: 2 minutes Livestock producers and processors are more optimistic now that processing workers and inspectors will be vaccinated as part of Phase Two. “We recognize first responders, healthcare workers, and those in long-term care must be prioritized in terms of first access to vaccines,” said Rob Lipsett, Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) president. “However, we are thankful […] Read more

Rural rollout of COVID-19 vaccine will likely follow similar prioritization to urban rollout.

Rural vaccine rollout will need to be prioritized

Moderna could be the only vaccine option for parts of rural and Northern Ontario

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rural and northern areas of Ontario will likely not see a vaccine rollout until the early part of 2021, and then the limited numbers will mean prioritization. The Moderna vaccine, which doesn’t require the same stringent ultra-cold storage protocols as its Pfizer-BioNTech counterpart, is ideal for distribution in rural, northern and remote areas. The question […] Read more

Editorial: New technology showing up in COVID vaccines

mRNA vaccines could be more effective and efficient

Reading Time: 3 minutes Humans can be incredibly innovative, but it often takes a crisis to make that happen. There are technologies or simply process changes that people know about but haven’t had the impetus to implement, whether because of human or technological barriers. A good example is the mRNA vaccines which quickly have become the leading candidates for […] Read more

The piglets from vaccinated sows have been healthier in Ontario herds.

Regional vaccine helps manage swine influenza

The Ontario-specific vaccine is made up of strains commonly seen in the area

Reading Time: 3 minutes A preventive influenza vaccine for pigs was launched in Ontario last year. Now, new data supports anecdotal evidence from the industry that the regional vaccine is making a difference in managing an increasingly virulent disease. Piglets born to vaccinated sows showed higher average daily gain, lower mortality and fewer clinical signs of disease, according to […] Read more


Zoetis buys livestock data management firm

Performance Beef platform to expand drugmaker's 'precision' production offering

Reading Time: 2 minutes The producer of livestock drugs such as Draxxin, Bovatec and Excede is buying space in the “precision livestock farming” market with a deal for a U.S. livestock data management firm. New Jersey-based Zoetis, which makes drugs and vaccines for the beef and dairy cattle, equine, swine, poultry and sheep sectors as well as cats and […] Read more

The London location of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research station.

From bugs to vaccines, genomics to biopesticides

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s London research station touches farms from crops to livestock

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tucked away in a quiet residential neighbourhood in London, Ont., is a building where researchers delve into some of agriculture’s most pressing issues. The Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) London Research and Development Centre has scientists working on myriad projects, such as combatting new invasive pests threatening fruit crops, using insect meal as a protein […] Read more


Elanco buys swine PWD vaccine maker

Reading Time: 2 minutes Veterinary drugmaker Elanco Animal Health is expanding its space in the swine sector with a deal to buy the Quebec startup behind Coliprotec vaccines. Indianapolis-based Elanco announced Thursday it has paid $78.5 million to buy Prevtec Microbia, which is headquartered in Montreal with facilities in St-Hyacinthe. The Coliprotec line is meant to help protect pigs […] Read more

African swine fever has spread quickly among back yard herds in eastern Asia, but is also now a serious problem in commercial herds.

Vietnam claims some success in creating African swine fever vaccine

Disease experts are skeptical as a vaccine has been challenging to create so far

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters – Vietnam says it has had initial success in creating a vaccine to fight African swine fever, which has infected farms throughout the Southeast Asian country and prompted the culling of around 10 per cent of its pig herd. African swine fever, which has spread to Laos and North Korea as well after being […] Read more