One use of artificial intelligence is to use it to monitor numbers and growth of pigs.

Quebec leads the way in artificial intelligence

Companies there are applying the concept to livestock production

Reading Time: 3 minutes Labour challenges and increased demands for automation and traceability throughout the supply chain are driving implementation of technologies that automate various farming tasks and lessen the reliance on a human workforce.  Artificial intelligence can help make those robots even smarter and automate tasks — like harvesting produce for example — that previously could only be […] Read more

Russia-based Cognitive Agro Pilot offers an autonomous combine navigation system that relies on a self-contained camera system rather than on GPS.

Company uses AI to guide combines

Cognitive Agro Pilot relies more on sensing objects in the field instead of GPS to guide it

Reading Time: 3 minutes Artificial intelligence systems introduced into combine threshing systems enable the machines to automatically self-adjust to minimize losses and improve grain quality without operator input. Cognitive Agro Pilot’s system differs from the others. Instead of relying on a satellite signal, the system uses a camera to read the terrain ahead and its AI programming decides how […] Read more

It’s critical to slash the amount of energy needed to produce nitrogen fertilizer — and quantum computing and artificial intelligence could do that within five years by revolutionizing the chemical process used to make N, says Teo Laino, manager of IBM Research Zurich.

A fertilizer revolution is on the horizon

IBM says it will produce a breakthrough within five years that will greatly lower the energy needed to make nitrogen

Reading Time: 4 minutes As fledgling technology goes, quantum computing sounds as science fiction as it gets. But if IBM fulfills a bold promise it made in September, crop producers will see the fruits of this technology within five years. By using quantum computing and artificial intelligence to speed up the process, IBM researchers are confident they can revolutionize […] Read more

Artificial intelligence will help manage data volume, but farmers need to be in control of how it is used.

Data, today’s hottest commodity

Collecting information today can be useful for reasons that have not yet even been considered

Reading Time: 2 minutes It seems like the agriculture sector produces more data than commodities these days. Realizing the full potential of that data, however, requires more robust programming. In other words, growers need better tools to manage more aspects of crop production, while simultaneously knowing which ones require more focus. Why it matters: More refined computing could remedy […] Read more

Clinton Monchuk at his farm in Saskatchewan.

Farmers analyze tech returns on investment

For some it saves time, for others it reduces variability

Reading Time: 5 minutes Can precision technology pay? Farmers participating in a panel discussion at this year’s Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference say yes. However, strategies differ. Why it matters: Not all agriculture technology works for all farmers, and the decision-making process can be unique to each farm. Clinton Monchuk of Monchuk Farms near Lanigan, Sask., and executive director of […] Read more

Dairy farms are one of the first types of farms using the Rakr app.

New app tracks and simplifies barn equipment maintenance

Energy also can be monitored with Rakr’s tracking app

Reading Time: 3 minutes A free new app launched by an Ontario start-up aims to simplify barn equipment maintenance. And it’s a precursor to an innovative monitoring system to track and manage on-farm energy use that Rakr is launching in 2021, called NeatMeter. Why it matters: Cost control is essential to farm profitability. Energy is a significant expenditure for […] Read more

Ottawa research farm focuses on technology

Invest Ottawa aims to link agriculture with national capital tech sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new innovation cluster on a former research farm in Nepean, Ont., is expected to boost artificial intelligence (AI) and remote-sensing technology to Canada’s farmers. “I’m not even a farmer, and I’m really excited about it,” said Michael Tremblay, chief executive officer of Invest Ottawa. Why it matters: Having access to made-in-Canada offerings of data […] Read more

The METOS MobiLab uses capillary electrophoresis to analyze the nutrients in a soil or plant sap sample, with the company’s 

Instant samples offer quick decisions on the farm

Whether it is leaves or soils, the lab-in-a-box solution puts portable testing in hands of farmers and agronomists

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The METOS MobiLab provides soil and sap nutrient measurement in less than two hours. “We can measure nitrate and ammonia from the soil analysis part of the mobile lab, as well as the sodium and chlorine,” said Guy Ash of METOS during a webinar. Why it matters: Quick, reliable soil tests can […] Read more

There are many opportunities outside of farm work for people in agriculture.

Providing a place to change the world

Agriculture is a rare sector where people can make a difference with their work

Reading Time: 4 minutes The agriculture sector needs to recruit workers but marketing to a new generation will require innovative thinking. The industry not only needs to diversify the sectors it pulls talent from, it also has to update the backstory of agriculture to be more inviting to those who’ve not grown up on the farm. “This industry has […] Read more

A truck picks up milk on a Canadian dairy farm. Photo:

Simplifying dairy logistics with Canadian start-up technology

Milk Moovement tracks shipments and gets information quickly to farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes A powerful tool that streamlines dairy supply chain logistics has landed an Atlantic Canada start-up coveted spots in a couple of big-name agriculture technology accelerators. Milk Moovement is the only Canadian company that is part of the current cohort of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator in Minneapolis, and one of only two Canadian start-ups […] Read more