Abisola Omoniyi and Ornwipa Thamsuwan from the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan hook an exoskeleton to Ron Swan of Glenside, Sask., who volunteered to test the unit on the farm.

Mechanical exoskeletons may one day reduce effort, injury risks for farmers

Researchers are looking to test the technology on farmers doing their daily tasks

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farming is a real pain in the back. But a bolt-on solution is on the way. Years of prolonged bending, lifting and shovelling contributes to back pain and is typical of many tasks in agriculture. “We know that farmers get very high rates of back injury. Even higher than in some other […] Read more

Emmanuel Adou, an Ivorian farmer, looks a drone spraying his oil palm plantation in Tiassale northern Abidjan, Ivory Coast May 21, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/

Researchers work together to find high-tech solutions to deal with hotter climate

Scientists are looking at everything from improved genetics to robots to help farmers maintain productivity as the world heats up

Reading Time: 3 minutes London | Thomson Reuters Foundation – In decades to come, African farmers may pool their money to buy small robot vehicles to weed their fields or drones that can hover to squirt a few drops of pesticide only where needed. Smartphones already allow farmers in remote areas to snap photos of sick plants, upload them […] Read more

The base is a container called the We-V, designed to be picked up with one hand and featuring an easy-to-remove lid that doesn’t require the user to set down tools they are already holding, which speeds up a process called subculturing —transferring cells from a previous culture to a fresh growth medium.

Plant tissue culture growth system wins award

University of Guelph innovation simplifies plant propagation

Reading Time: 3 minutes A tissue culture growth system was recently awarded the People’s Choice Award at the first annual Gryphon’s LAAIR innovation showcase and pitch competition. We Vitro, a new company that evolved out of research at the University of Guelph’s Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation (GRIPP), received $5,000 to further commercialization efforts. Its growth system is […] Read more

A small drone scouts the corn plant population.

What’s new in the world of drone technology?

Machine learning making its way into the drone world

Reading Time: 5 minutes The shock and awe of drones may be less than it was a decade ago, but the agricultural potential of the technology continues to develop. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and a better understanding of scalability give drones and drone operators the ability to gather and usefully interpret field information down to the millimetre level. Why it […] Read more

Premier Doug Ford announced $315 million in funding for high speed internet improvements.

Province makes internet investment promise official

Conservatives commit to improve rural internet and cellular phone service

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario government is investing $315 million over five years to expand internet access and cell phone service to more rural and remote families in the province. Premier Doug Ford made the announcement July 23 in Lucan, with several cabinet ministers in attendance. “Twelve per cent of communities don’t have cell signal or high speed […] Read more

Harvesting last year with autonomous equipment at the British site.

UK autonomous farming project expands

The Hands-Free Hectare project will be working 35 hectares this year

Reading Time: 2 minutes Extra funding has been made available to a unique autonomous crop farming project in the United Kingdom, allowing it to expand. Initially launched in 2016 by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, the Hands Free Hectare project was designed to demonstrate that one hectare of grain could be grown to harvest without humans setting foot […] Read more

Cows eat at their new home on a floating dairy farm in the Netherlands.

Cows enter world’s first floating farm

The project aims to reuse organic waste streams as cattle feed while showing how floating farms could work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thirty-two cows are now living on the world’s first floating dairy farm based in the port at Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Years of development and construction have finally come to the last hurdle when the Montbelliarde cows can find their sea legs and get accustomed to their new home. And what a luxury home it […] Read more

Food processors and food systems are drawing lots of interest from data companies as they see business opportunity.

Corporate giants continue pushing food sector tech-adoption

RBC and Microsoft push greater digitization in food processing and supply chains

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an environment of ever-increasing pressure to adopt new technologies in food production, companies struggle to identify which technologies they should adopt, and who they should work with to do so — not to mention how to pay for them. According to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and tech-giant Microsoft, these three barriers reduce […] Read more

University of Guelph’s Malcolm Campbell, left, who is vice-president of research, and Sherri Cox, right, executive director of research innovation and knowledge mobilization, flank pitch competition winner Sujeevan Ratnasingham, founder of LifeScanner.

DNA barcoding technology wins Guelph innovation competition

Gryphon’s LAAIR program helps bring research ideas, many connected to agriculture, to market

Reading Time: 3 minutes A food fraud detector won the top prize at the inaugural Gryphon’s LAAIR innovation showcase and pitch competition at the University of Guelph. LifeScanner was selected by an industry judging panel as the winner of the $7,500 grand prize from six corporations in the competition, all with University of Guelph research roots. It was hosted […] Read more

A barn marked with a Be Seen Be Safe notification.

Ontario technology to track poultry production systems in Alberta

The goal of Be Seen Be Safe technology is to minimize disease spread

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the threat of African swine fever hanging over the pork industry and a devastating new tomato virus just discovered in Ontario for the first time, the need for biosecurity in the agriculture sector has never been stronger. Hand in hand is the ability to quickly and easily track movement on and off farms, which […] Read more