Cole Powers, left, Benjamin Davies and Michael Wu are three of four founders of IntelliCulture.

Bringing fleet analytics to agriculture

Waterloo startup looks to create app to harvest and analyse farm equipment data

Cole Powers says that farmers should have access to scalable agriculture data technology, with a low barrier to entry. He and three fellow fourth-year University of Waterloo students are working to create an app for farmers to help them efficiently collect data and then make efficiency recommendations on their farms. Historical data can help determine […] Read more

Peter Vincent, co-founder of Grain Discovery, an online grain trading platform, explains how blockchain will boost farmers’ bottom lines.

Reaping potential grain profits with blockchain

An Ontario project will explore the potential of the secure system to increase grain trading efficiency and transparency

Blockchain will revolutionize not only the way grain is traded, but also the way most transactions are conducted, according to Peter Vincent, chief technology officer and co-founder of Grain Discovery. The company plans to launch an online grain trading platform using a blockchain system called Hyperledger for corn, wheat and soybeans in June 2019. The […] Read more

Bioenterprise CEO Dave Smardon.

Agricultural innovation incubators get another year of funding

Bioenterprise invests in early-stage businesses, especially in agriculture and food

Two innovation incubators have received additional funding to support early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs and especially those in agriculture and food. Bioenterprise Corporation and its delivery partner Innovation Guelph were awarded $2.28 million by FedDev Ontario to deliver the Bioenterprise Seed Fund and Innovation Guelph’s Fuel Injection program which provides seed funding and access for specialized […] Read more

Deveron’s Matrice drone is used for many agriculture applications.

Deveron predicts continued increase of drones in ag-data use

The Canadian drone company has recently purchased or aligned itself with ag data providers

Canadian agricultural drone service company Deveron UAS hopes recent acquisitions will help it deliver independent data gathering and practical analysis to farmers. Deveron UAS recently acquired Veritas Farm Management, the data analytics arm of South West Ag Partners Inc. David MacMillan, president and chief executive officer for Deveron, says the acquisition, as well as a […] Read more

The Mobile Sensor Mote being developed at PAMI sits in the grain and transmits moisture and temperature readings to a base 

Give bins pills to ensure they stay healthy

Off-the-shelf sensors are being evaluated for their ability to monitor bins

Grain storage sensors being developed at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute use over-the-counter electrical components and offer better coverage in large bins. “The point of them is to try and get full coverage of moisture and temperature throughout a grain bin because we found that the options that are available now give limited coverage,” said […] Read more

The increasing use of sensors and digitization of processes on farms and in the agriculture supply chain, connected via blockchains, will mean less paper, more accuracy and quicker turnaround and traceability.

Farming blockchain

The ability to secure data and transactions through a chain of users could improve agriculture supply chain efficiency

Imagine a consumer who really likes a steak reaching back through the supply chain to give the farmer who raised that beef a tip. Or, being paid immediately for grain delivery. Those are a couple of the ideas behind Grain Discovery, a Prince Edward County agriculture start-up company planning to use blockchain technology to make […] Read more

The GrainViz imaging sensors (the black device) magnetically attach to the inside bin wall. A 24-sensor array provides 3D imaging, revealing the moisture content of every bushel in the bin.

Is 3D grain bin monitoring tech for you?

Electromagnetic imaging is pricey but the technology can reveal hot spots anywhere in a bin

Three-dimensional bin monitoring is one of the more talked-about new ag technologies. Proponents of this type of grain monitoring — more formally called three-dimensional electromagnetic imaging or 3D EMI — claim it can spot potential trouble anywhere in the bin and alert producers before grain even begins to spoil. There’s also a safety factor out […] Read more

The new DeLaval VMS V300 milking robot.

Milking robot upgrade targets higher capacity, faster attachment

DeLaval has introduced a new milking robot, upgrading its long-standing voluntary milking system (VMS) to increase capacity and improve attachment time. The VMS V300 was introduced to farmers and industry at the company’s VMS Pro North America conference in Madison, WI. Norwell Dairy Systems, the largest DeLaval dealer in Ontario, tweeted that they would be […] Read more

Wayne Vitek plants soybeans with a Smart Firmer on the planter.

More sensors for planters

A seed trench firmer with sensors takes readings every eighth of an inch across the field

As Wayne Vitek drove across a field near Mitchell’s Bay planting soybeans recently, a group of sensors took 200 readings per second at the soil level. A Smart Firmer was in place of where a Keaton Seed firmer might have been, flattening the soil over the seed trench, but also collecting data on soil organic […] Read more

Some dairy farmers have been breeding polled genetics into their cattle for years, but editing genes for top genetics at the cellular stage would dramatically move the trait into the population.

Editorial: Dealing with disruptive technology

My family bred polled Holsteins for 30 years, working away in fits and starts carefully crossing the limited number of polled families in the breed. In the last few years of his dairy career, until the cows were sold late last year, my father put greater emphasis on the trait, using mostly polled bulls in […] Read more