When FieldBot isn’t busy helping people farm, it can serve sentry duty at the billabong and sound an alert when duck flocks arrive.

Fieldbot can be quite bossy

One field robot runs the show and tells other robots what to do, system manages not just monitors events

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Fieldbot is no ordinary ag sensor. It issues orders, turns irrigation pumps on and off, controls fans and feeding equipment in livestock operations, even sends dairy cows into the parlour. Fieldbot can serve as a producer’s eyes and ears, while they’re busy carrying on with the actual work of farming. It will […] Read more

Dacs Mag Fan.

Latest farming innovations highlighted at Canada’s Digital Farm Show

Third annual Innovations Showcase helps farmers locate new innovations in Canadian agriculture

Reading Time: 12 minutes Canada’s Digital Farm Show is a great opportunity for farmers to view and experience the latest and greatest innovations and products within the Canadian agriculture industry. This is the third year for the show’s Innovation Showcase, making it easier for farmers to know what is available or new at the show. Exhibitors were asked to […] Read more

Vineland refines test for apple quality

New measurement standards may be necessary for adoption

Reading Time: 2 minutes Measuring friction might be the best way to determine apple quality, says a new project from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Tribology, the science of wear, friction, and lubrication, is commonly used in food processing for semi-solid products like yogurt and spreads. The institution says new research shows it’s also effective enough to replace […] Read more

Road application of the soy-based dust suppressant.

Soybeans provide greener solution for road dust suppression

Biodegradable solution is more environmentally friendly

Reading Time: 3 minutes A soy-based dust suppressant developed by researchers at North Dakota State University (NDSU) is now being commercialized and brought to market in North America. It is sprayed onto dusty areas like gravel roads, mining operations and parking lots, but since it’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it could also be used on agricultural operations. Why it […] Read more

Editorial: Internet access needs to be rural development priority

Reading Time: 3 minutes The time at home because of COVID-19 has laid bare the deficiency of rural internet. In a world where we all needed good connectivity, many didn’t have it. Those who had it found it slowed down, according to OpenMedia, an internet watch organization. Rural internet has slowed down since the pandemic hit, compared to urban […] Read more

The Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ is the only fixed-wing drone available to fit with the MicaSense10-band sensor system.

Multi-band imaging system offers more detail

More image bands means more chance of creating a useful data set

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – An imaging system for drones that offers 10 spectral bands has recently been released by MicaSense, a Seattle-based developer of multispectral imaging hardware. The use of additional different red edge bands can enable users to hone in on different plant canopies to get a better idea of what’s going on in that […] Read more

Chris Grainger, one of the founders of Harvest Genomics, receives the official winner’s cheque after winning the Gryphon’s LAAIR pitch competition.

Mobile genetic testing technology wins Guelph pitch competition

Harvest Genomics aims to provide on-location genetic testing of food

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Guelph-based start-up with plans to bring mobile genetic testing to agriculture was the winner of the second annual University of Guelph Gryphon’s LAAIR pitch competition, held online May 27. Harvest Genomics will use its $10,000 prize to develop and bring to market a portable DNA system that will make testing capabilities currently only available […] Read more

“We have growers very interested in post-harvesting solutions…. If you look at it on the picking side, that’s a much more difficult challenge.” – Hussam Haroun.

Why farming systems lag in adoption of automation

Technology plus systems plus support infrastructure are needed before automation can take root on Canadian farms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Researchers around the world, including those in Canada, have been racing to create technology that can reduce the workers required on fruit and vegetable farms and in processing plants. But the pace has been slow and the big labour savings so far have been limited. Why it matters: Finding ways to get the job done […] Read more

Chuck Baresich, general manager for Haggerty Creek Ltd., poses with the first working Dot Power Platform in Ontario.

Autonomous technology big and small tried in Ontario

Haggerty Creek sees value in its new Dot Power Platform and RoamIO swarm-style robot

Reading Time: 3 minutes The equipment fleet at Haggerty Creek Ltd., a grain elevator and farm service provider near Bothwell, is gaining autonomy both large and small. By June, both a Dot Power Platform and RoamIO swarm-style robot will be active members of its equipment lineup. And, with plans to market at least one of the two autonomous farm […] Read more

Not all that long ago, having a reliable internet connection was deemed essential by the CRTC.

Opinion: COVID-19 highlights need for reliable Internet access

Reading Time: 2 minutes COVID-19 should serve as a watershed moment that ushers in an era of nation-wide internet access. For years, Canadians living in rural areas have complained of poor internet. These complaints were not entirely ignored, as government’s have made significant investments to improve rural broadband. But the digital divide still existing today highlights how imperative it […] Read more