A truck picks up milk on a Canadian dairy farm. Photo:

Simplifying dairy logistics with Canadian start-up technology

Milk Moovement tracks shipments and gets information quickly to farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes A powerful tool that streamlines dairy supply chain logistics has landed an Atlantic Canada start-up coveted spots in a couple of big-name agriculture technology accelerators. Milk Moovement is the only Canadian company that is part of the current cohort of the Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator in Minneapolis, and one of only two Canadian start-ups […] Read more

Comment: Universal internet access helps make food more sustainable

Reading Time: 3 minutes Consumers who want to reduce the carbon intensity of their food should advocate for better rural internet. Producers know most agricultural towns have broadband, but in the country, cell service fades. Telematics produced by farm equipment have to be stored, getting pushed to the cloud at the farmyards while IoT devices use networks, like LoRaWAn. […] Read more

Telus has launched what it hopes to be a global player in agriculture technology.

Telus turns its gaze to farm country

Company moves to establish better connectivity for free-flowing data – from the farm to consumer plates

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tech giant Telus now has an agriculture division focused on increasing food security, safety, and productivity. According to company representatives, part of achieving these overarching goals involves establishing better connectivity and promoting tech adoption on the farm. Why it matters: Rural internet access and the inability to efficiently share data between technologies continue to be […] Read more

Hazelnut trees growing at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Genomics research moving Ontario hazelnuts closer to production

Researchers continue to learn how to adapt hazelnuts to Ontario’s climate

Reading Time: 3 minutes A genomics-based research project at the University of Guelph is moving the establishment of an Ontario hazelnut industry one step closer to reality. Hazelnut development work has been underway in the province for about a decade, driven by farmers seeking new crops to grow and a large confectionary company keen to source their key ingredient […] Read more

The growth in data in agriculture is being driven by many different new applications.

Artificial intelligence plays critical role behind the scenes in precision farming

Developing technology alongside farmers can mean a higher adoption rate

Reading Time: 3 minutes Artificial intelligence applications in agriculture continue to grow, driven by the increased demands of precision farming. This growth is due to increasing demand for agriculture produce, real-time livestock monitoring, and the need for enhanced decision making to optimize farm management. Other factors contributing to the rising interest in precision farming solutions are growing food demand […] Read more

Questions of data replication are now being asked by those concerned about data ownership.

The power to delete yourself

Controlling copies of your data is the new challenge around data ownership

Reading Time: 3 minutes Questions around data ownership have been long discussed in and outside the agriculture sector – but are they even the right questions to ask? Some legal experts and tech developers certainly don’t think so. Instead, they argue we should be focused on questions of control and replication. Why it matters: Data ownership issues continue to […] Read more

Spray monitors in orchards can help identify areas that are missed.

Simple smart technology helps fleet and spray monitoring

Keeping ahead of maintenance can help reduce downtime and repair costs on farms

Reading Time: 3 minutes A group of University of Waterloo engineering graduates who first got together as a student design team to convert a Camaro into a hybrid electric vehicle has turned its talents towards improving agricultural fleet management. Their small Ontario start-up, Intelliculture, is now working to help farm profitability with intelligent, simple, and affordable telematics to help […] Read more

The Deere Smart Connector can transfer data from tractor to phone. It can also capture information, such as barcodes on the machine for identification.

Smart Connector plugs app into tractor

Device allows farmers to monitor tractor information from a smart phone

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Farmers can monitor tractor performance from their smartphone, including engine r.p.m. and coolant temperature John Deere has updated its TractorPlus smartphone app for compact utility tractors and it’s also offering a new Smart Connector that plugs into the tractor’s service adviser port and automatically connects the app to the tractor. The Smart […] Read more

The Grain Discovery app aims to help farmers market their grain.

Ontario start-up launches grain-trading app

‘Industry-first’ potential to eliminate time-consuming paperwork

Reading Time: 4 minutes An Ontario company has launched a new app that provides instant information and creation of grain-trading contracts in what it is calling an industry first. The Grain Discovery app for iPhone, along with its companion online portal for all internet connections was launched on a trial basis at the Prince Edward County-based Lockie Farms Grain […] Read more

SomaDetect’s inline milk sensor detects milk quality parameters and helps identify 
reproduction issues.

Startups focus on dairy data and automation

Several Canadian companies among featured dairy startups

Reading Time: 5 minutes The World Dairy Expo is often the site for the release of numerous dairy technologies. The show was cancelled this year, but that didn’t stop the Expo from supporting a virtual dairy technology showcase, called the Global Dairy Tech Start-Up Spotlight which recently highlighted dairy technology in a virtual forum. Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Cainthus, EIO […] Read more