Motorleaf’s artificial intelligence software can accurately predict vegetable yields from greenhouse crops like these pepper plants weeks ahead of harvest.

Smart software makes greenhouse vegetable harvest predictions more precise

Artificial intelligence system also automates disease scouting for greenhouses

Big data is powering new software that can predict highly accurate greenhouse vegetable yields weeks ahead of harvest. Using growing conditions in the greenhouse, Motorleaf’s smart system is able to estimate within a few percentage points how many peppers and tomatoes a greenhouse will produce and when. According to the Quebec-based start-up, a wealth of […] Read more

About 160 people attended a demonstration day at the University of Arizona at Maricopa in March.

Autonomous platform moves from R&D to commercial sales

DOT and its team spent the winter further developing the platform in Arizona

Continuous field testing of prototype machinery can be a challenge for Canadian ag equipment manufacturers, because our long winters limit access to fields. A good option is to head to southern portions of the U.S. where milder climates make year-round testing possible. Only that way can engineers rack up the maximum number of hours on […] Read more

IBM helps to overlay weather details to assist in making decisions.

IBM expands artificial intelligence platform into agriculture

Growers, food companies and agribusiness can boost production with better availability of weather data

International computer systems company IBM is moving further into the agriculture industry. It recently announced the global expansion of Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture in May in an effort to make weather a more predictable business consideration. IBM is combining predictive technology from The Weather Company, which it acquired in 2016 and Internet of Things […] Read more

The Veris iScan-plus harnesses four different sensing technologies, including an electrical conductivity array, red and infrared optical sensors, a capacitance moisture sensor and a thermopile sensor for soil temperature.

Sensor system logs four soil factors at once

The iScan can help farmers make decisions on adjustment of implements

Tillage and seeding implement manufacturers are giving farmers more working tool adjustment features. But how do you know what to adjust and which way to adjust it? Simply guessing is counter to the intent of these adjustments, said Veris Technologies manager Tyler Lund in a interview. He says Veris has just introduced a new system […] Read more

The in-vehicle control panel for the GRIP system.

Ontario technology addresses $3 billion a year problem

Idle management system saves on fuel and maintenance costs

An Ancaster, Ont., company has invented a solution to a $3 billion a year problem in Canada. That’s the approximate value of how much fuel is wasted annually in this country due to engine idling. Idling also contributes to increased engine wear and higher maintenance costs, as well as higher greenhouse gas emissions. According to […] Read more

Fertilizer purchase is one of the areas of farmer input management that is just now being disrupted by online platforms.

Online sales of large volume inputs changing

In 2017, Farmers Business Network made its debut in Canada, and offers many programs with aggregated data

Farmers are increasingly looking at how they can price and buy their inputs online, but there are trust and relationship issues to overcome. Farmers already use digital platforms to buy equipment and supplies online. Online ordering for hard-to-find parts isn’t new. But a digital platform to enable farmers to buy large volumes of crop inputs, […] Read more

Croptracker has a dashboard that allows a grower or a worker to manage the crop data collected.

Ontario company launches AI-based system to help automate fruit harvest

Croptracker traces fruit through the production process, but new image collection options can analyze fruit in bins for more efficient marketing and delivery

An Ontario software company is helping fruit and vegetable growers automate more of their labour-intensive harvest processes using artificial intelligence. Croptracker has just unveiled its latest innovation — Harvest Quality Vision — at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention in Niagara. Why it matters: Many aspects of fruit and vegetable production still require manual labour, […] Read more

Tyler Whale spoke to the attendees of the recent Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers conference.

Canadian agriculture needs technology to innovate

Next innovators will need to look beyond yield and to what consumers are demanding

Will the next Canadian agricultural technological revolution focus on yield or taste? According to Tyler Whale, president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, an organization focused on technological development in food and agriculture, Canada’s farm and food sector must consider more than yield, stress tolerance, and other production factors to stay competitive and relevant to market demands. […] Read more

Andria Karstens of Climate FieldView.

Whether you trust it or not, precision agriculture is here to stay

Many farmers continue not to use precision agriculture tools because of trust concerns and complexity challenges

Precision agriculture is designed to help growers obtain planting and harvest data, satellite imagery, drone images and soil data and bring that all together in a way that’s easy to use, says Andria Karstens with Climate Fieldview at the 2019 Precision Agriculture Conference and Ag Technology Showcase held recently in London. It’s great information in […] Read more

New system lets farmers make money off their farm data

Farmers will be able to own and control their data and decide when it can be shared or purchased

Whether we know it or not, data is being gathered with every Facebook visit, link click, or Google map search we make. Smartphones transmit information about our location and activities; every online purchase provides someone with information that is used and analyzed. Most people have no idea this is happening and most certainly no idea […] Read more