Croptracker has a dashboard that allows a grower or a worker to manage the crop data collected.

Ontario company launches AI-based system to help automate fruit harvest

Croptracker traces fruit through the production process, but new image collection options can analyze fruit in bins for more efficient marketing and delivery

An Ontario software company is helping fruit and vegetable growers automate more of their labour-intensive harvest processes using artificial intelligence. Croptracker has just unveiled its latest innovation — Harvest Quality Vision — at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention in Niagara. Why it matters: Many aspects of fruit and vegetable production still require manual labour, […] Read more

Tyler Whale spoke to the attendees of the recent Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers conference.

Canadian agriculture needs technology to innovate

Next innovators will need to look beyond yield and to what consumers are demanding

Will the next Canadian agricultural technological revolution focus on yield or taste? According to Tyler Whale, president of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, an organization focused on technological development in food and agriculture, Canada’s farm and food sector must consider more than yield, stress tolerance, and other production factors to stay competitive and relevant to market demands. […] Read more

Andria Karstens of Climate FieldView.

Whether you trust it or not, precision agriculture is here to stay

Many farmers continue not to use precision agriculture tools because of trust concerns and complexity challenges

Precision agriculture is designed to help growers obtain planting and harvest data, satellite imagery, drone images and soil data and bring that all together in a way that’s easy to use, says Andria Karstens with Climate Fieldview at the 2019 Precision Agriculture Conference and Ag Technology Showcase held recently in London. It’s great information in […] Read more

New system lets farmers make money off their farm data

Farmers will be able to own and control their data and decide when it can be shared or purchased

Whether we know it or not, data is being gathered with every Facebook visit, link click, or Google map search we make. Smartphones transmit information about our location and activities; every online purchase provides someone with information that is used and analyzed. Most people have no idea this is happening and most certainly no idea […] Read more

Cole Powers, left, Benjamin Davies and Michael Wu are three of four founders of IntelliCulture.

Bringing fleet analytics to agriculture

Waterloo startup looks to create app to harvest and analyse farm equipment data

Cole Powers says that farmers should have access to scalable agriculture data technology, with a low barrier to entry. He and three fellow fourth-year University of Waterloo students are working to create an app for farmers to help them efficiently collect data and then make efficiency recommendations on their farms. Historical data can help determine […] Read more

Camelina is gaining in popularity because of its high oil levels and presence of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Online sales can help drive specialty crop products

Camelina is being tested in Ontario to see if it works in crop rotations here

More often than not, the first instinct of consumers today is to head online when they’re looking to buy something. That’s less the case when it comes to the traditional agricultural market of inputs and supplies. And it certainly wasn’t on Jack Grushcow’s mind when his company, Linneaus Plant Sciences Inc., first discovered somewhat by […] Read more

Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay, centre, announced $70 million in funding for agriculture research at the Harrow Research Station.

Federal government invests in scientist “succession planning,” more inclusive research

The investment in agriculture research includes some new ways of involving partners

The federal government recently announced a $70 million investment into Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) network of research institutions, including what is being called the Living Laboratories Initiative. The investment is separate from the Canadian Agriculture Partnership — the latest rendition of federal-provincial agriculture investment — with large portions allocated to finding new hires and […] Read more

It may be in the palm of your hands, but can you say with certainty that your data is yours and yours alone?

The legal mess of farm data ownership

Digital Data Control: Laws in many countries are of little help determining who owns agricultural data

Worldwide, more and more farmers are using big-data software systems to increase farm productivity and profitability. A major and often-cited barrier to more widespread adoption, however, is the lack of farmer trust when it comes to data ownership. That lack of trust can be warranted. According to some data law experts, ownership ambiguity can have […] Read more

John Steele uses data to determine many of the decisions on his farm, including selection of these ram lambs.

Data management solutions abound for sheep

Farmers can mix and match data readers, sorters and software for labour saving and management decisions

Norwood-area farmers John and Eadie Steele have been using electronic identification to identify and manage the data for their 2,000-ewe flock for 15 years. However, many other sheep farms, often smaller, are not yet using technology to reduce labour, and increase and improve their management information. That’s why the Large Flock Operators group featured a […] Read more