Wheat growing in Ontario could be guided by the Responsible Grain national code of practice, if buyers and sellers both desire it.

What does Responsible Grain mean in Ontario?

GFO believes sustainability parameters should be voluntary and clear to producers and the general public

Reading Time: 3 minutes The voluntary Responsible Grain national code of practice can be used by grain growers in Ontario, but it hasn’t resulted in the debate it has in Western Canada. Responsible Grain, a national code of practice for grain production, is currently being developed by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops (CRSC). The initiative is intended to […] Read more


Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show looks to lock in land base

GFM plans to buy research land for eastern Discovery Farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show goes digital this week, its operator is preparing to secure its real-world footprint in southern Ontario and put that real estate to year-round work. Glacier FarmMedia and the Ontario government on Tuesday announced their intent to work toward a land deal with the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario (ARIO), which […] Read more

McCain Foods hopes to promote alternative potato farming methods such as regenerative agriculture.

McCain builds farms to showcase sustainable practices

The company has committed to reducing the impact of its potato operations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier Farmmedia – McCain Foods says it is building the farm of the future. The New Brunswick company announced in mid-July that it wants potato production to be more sustainable. To that end, McCain’s is establishing three Farms of the Future to learn how regenerative agriculture and innovation can work at scale in potato farming. […] Read more

Animal performance has increase dramatically in recent decades, which reduces environmental impact per unit produced.

Crunching numbers on meat sustainability

Improvements in agriculture industry have lowered animal environmental footprint

Reading Time: 4 minutes Consumers have increased interest in sustainable diets. Conflicting information from various resources has these consumers viewing sustainable diets as eating less meat. Dr. Kim Ominski with the University of Manitoba presented during the virtual Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada about improvements in animal environmental impact. Why it matters: The future livelihood of livestock farmers hinges […] Read more

Cargill-led fund to pay U.S. farmers for carbon capture

Cargill-led fund to pay U.S. farmers for carbon capture

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters – Global commodities trader Cargill Inc. starting this spring plans to pay American farmers for capturing carbon in their field soils and reducing fertilizer runoff, an executive said. The Soil and Water Outcomes Fund, a partnership with the Iowa Soybean Association and third-party verification company Quantified Ventures, will then sell the environmental credits created […] Read more

When sustainable agriculture isn’t enough

When sustainable agriculture isn’t enough

What regenerative agriculture means on the farm, and in the corporate office

Reading Time: 3 minutes Move over sustainability. Regenerative might be the new environmental buzzword for food and agriculture. At the Innovative Farmers’ Association of Ontario’s annual conference on Feb. 19, farmers, marketers, and soil health experts discussed the concept of “regenerative agriculture” — what it is, who is focusing on it, and how farmers can push beyond sustainable practices. […] Read more

A freighter is loaded with grain from a terminal at Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet. (Maxvis/iStock/Getty Images)

Grains sector backed to develop export rejection insurance

Code of practice for 'sustainable' crops also in works

Reading Time: 2 minutes The organization representing Canada’s crops sector will get public funding to develop an insurance plan against the “unpredictability” of export customers. Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, speaking Wednesday at the CropConnect conference in Winnipeg, announced over $430,000 for the Canada Grains Council to develop a pilot insurance product for grain exporters. Such an insurance plan […] Read more

Many farms across Ontario are already certified under the VBP+ program, which will also qualify for the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef program.

Beef sustainability program expands across the sector

National program gains more traction in Ontario beef value chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef’s program will soon be coming to Ontario’s largest beef processing plant — creating more opportunities for beef farmers here to sell their beef at a premium. Gurneesh Bhandal, Cargill Protein’s senior sustainability manager, told the Beef Symposium at FarmSmart recently that the company expects the audit allowing the Cargill […] Read more

Opinion: Corporate interest makes sustainability in agriculture tangible

Opinion: Corporate interest makes sustainability in agriculture tangible

Marketplace initiatives will sink or swim by virtue of consumer support

Reading Time: 3 minutes It didn’t take long for a young cattle rancher from Saskatchewan to capture the audience’s attention at the Canada 2020 National Forum on Agri-Food in Ottawa in the fall. “For me, the word ‘sustainability’ is synonymous with McDonald’s,” said Adrienne Ivey, who is part of a family corporation managing 3,000 beef cattle on a 10,000-acre […] Read more