Canary seed holds steady despite food adoption hopes

MarketsFarm — Expectations for canary seed to break beyond birdseed into the food market haven’t yet translated to substantially higher prices for the crop. Canary seed was designated safe for human consumption in 2016, after which Saskatchewan’s then-agriculture minister Lyle Stewart predicted acreage dedicated to the crop would increase as it was incorporated into more […] Read more

Statistics Canada data shows 16.1 percent of farm households are now in urban areas.

Canadian farmers by birth and education

Recent Statistics Canada releases show that Dutch farmers continue to choose Canada as a destination

Statistics Canada has recently linked the 2016 Census of Agriculture data with household data to come up with several demographic portraits of Canadian farmers. Here is a look at what the data says on birth origin and education of farmers. Dutch farmers continue to move to Canada Canadian farmers overwhelmingly identify themselves as Canadian by […] Read more

Income from spouses and grown children have contributed significantly to farm household income.

Farm households earning more – but is it coming from the farm?

Changes in farm structure and rural opportunities have boosted the income of Canadians who live on farms

Canadian farm family incomes have pulled ahead of other Canadian households by a large margin, but it may have more to do with off-farm revenue sources than it does higher returns from farming. The median income reported by farm households is now 17.3 per cent more than the median recorded by non-farm workers, which is […] Read more

Editorial: Healthy farm households

Statistics Canada says that farm households are doing much better than they did a generation or two ago. And that’s something to celebrate. Our cover story in our Feb. 11 issue of Farmtario looks at the broader societal trends around the dramatic increase in farm household income over the past 50 years. Median farm income […] Read more

Tighter StatsCan canola crop won’t affect market, analysts say

CNS Canada — Canada’s canola production has been revised lower in the latest data from Statistics Canada’s Production of Principal Field Crops report, issued Thursday. However, two observers agree the final numbers won’t have much effect on markets. “It’s not a report that’s going to allow canola to trade tremendously strong. It might trade a […] Read more