Few alterations seen in new global supply/demand report

IGC expecting more corn grown this year

Reading Time: < 1 minute MarketsFarm — There were few notable changes in the latest monthly supply-and-demand report from the International Grains Council (IGC) on Thursday. One of the more significant alterations was its 1.42 per cent increase to total global production from that in 2019-20, at nearly 2.216 billion tonnes. It also raises its estimate for this marketing year’s […] Read more

Arkansas confirms first-ever glufosinate-resistant broadleaf

Researchers find Palmer amaranth strains in two counties

Reading Time: 2 minutes Researchers in the southern U.S. have found what they say is the first broadleaf weed in the world to beat the active ingredient in BASF’s Liberty herbicide. The University of Arkansas last week announced its ag researchers had found glufosinate-resistant Palmer amaranth in crops in two eastern Arkansas counties across the Mississippi River from Memphis. […] Read more

Brazil’s next corn crop planting will be delayed by current rains.

Rains in Brazil delay soy harvest, support markets

The country is still expected to have a record soybean crop

Reading Time: 6 minutes According to Statistics Canada, total Canadian corn stocks as of Dec. 31 were 11 million tonnes, up from 10.7 million tonnes on Dec. 31, 2019. Total soybean stocks at the end of 2020 were estimated at 3.7 million tonnes, down from four million tonnes at year-end of 2019. Quick look Soybeans: Ontario soybean basis holding […] Read more

Accumulated precipitation map for Eastern Canada, April 1 to October 31, 2020.

Good crop yields all around in 2020: Agricorp

2020 corn and soybean yields were a welcome change across most of Ontario

Reading Time: 2 minutes The 2020 growing season was an overall good year for Ontario’s corn and soybean growers, according to Agricorp numbers. Published Jan. 15, statistics from growers who subscribe to production insurance with Agricorp show the province saw slightly above average yields. As described on its website, the provincial average for corn yields was 177 bushels per […] Read more

ICE weekly outlook: Volatility day-to-day in bullish canola market

Reading Time: < 1 minute MarketsFarm — The ICE Futures canola market saw some large price moves during the week ended Wednesday, hitting fresh contract highs in many months before profit-taking came forward to weigh on values. With canola trading at historically high price levels, the potential volatility in the marketplace can go to extreme levels without much explanation, analyst […] Read more

Early planting soybeans appears to have little detrimental effect on yield.

Stepping up soybean yields

Agronomic improvement and genetics have built improved soybean production

Reading Time: 4 minutes Soybeans yields have continued to increase decade over decade, including a jump of 23 per cent in average yield in Ontario from 2010 to 2020 compared to the previous decade. A good part of that increase is from genetics, but it’s also agronomic management. Dr. Dave Hooker, an associate professor at the University of Guelph’s […] Read more

Ontario winter wheat planting was up in fall 2020 over 2019 acreage totals.

Market sends signals for more soybean acres

U.S. corn exports are running 131 per cent above last year

Reading Time: 5 minutes Earlier in January, the corn and soybean futures market incorporated a risk premium due to the uncertainty in South American production. This risk premium in the market is eroding due to recent precipitation and favourable weather forecasts. Quick look Soybeans: Farmers were regular sellers throughout the price rally. Corn: Ethanol demand for corn has declined […] Read more

Soybeans need fertility, but too much can result in problems.

Managing manure application and soybeans

Moving away from corn on corn could mean more manure has to be applied before planting soybeans

Reading Time: 4 minutes Corn is the perfect crop for receiving the nutrients from manure. Liquid manure applied to meet two-thirds of the nitrogen needs will generally provide a good balance of the macro and micro nutrients needed for a highly productive corn crop. Using commercial starter and nitrogen for the balance of the crop’s needs ensures nutrients are […] Read more

There may be more flexibility to plant soybeans early compared to corn.

Perils and potential with early spring planting

Farmers find success in planting early, but on certain fields, with certain seeds and an eye on the weather

Reading Time: 4 minutes Beautiful planting conditions followed by serious cold and snow last May gave Ontario agronomists a living experiment in what happens when crops are planted into cold conditions. How did the early planters fare? It depends. As well, the story is different depending if you’re talking about early planted corn or soybeans. Why it matters: Farmers […] Read more

Soybean stocks in Ontario and in the United States are expected to reach historical lows this year.

Soybeans, corn, wheat continue strong runs

Soybean demand remains firm in midst of heavy farmer selling

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ontario soybean stocks are expected to drop to historical lows at the end of the 2020-21 crop year due to the year-over-year increase in export and domestic demand. Quick look Soybeans: South American crop will have an impact on prices after March. Corn: Earlier-than-usual export holding Ontario corn prices. Wheat: Russian, Ukraine wheat limits supportive […] Read more