Sandi Brock in her Perth County sheep barn.

Sheep farmer tells her farm’s story using video

Sandi Brock is gaining a significant YouTube following for her video logs

There’s not a lot of filtering in the version of Sandi Brock’s sheep farm that she shows to the world. It’s real and it’s popular with viewers of her YouTube channel. On the channel she talks about what she does on her farm in great detail, from lambing processes to barn design to shipping to […] Read more

Charges were dropped recently against a woman who was accused of stealing a piglet from a barn.

Agriculture lawyer calls for conviction of trespassing activists

Letter to attorney general decries recent dropping of charges against trespassers

Ontario agriculture lawyer Kurtis Andrews has written a letter to Ontario’s attorney general claiming that the lack of repercussions from a recent spate on animal rights activist activity in the province is “nothing short of a breakdown of law and order”. Why it matters: An increase in animal rights activists trespassing on farms has created […] Read more

A recent study found that key conversations Canadians were having online in relations to food involved cannabis, climate change, genetically modified foods, and organics.

Social conversation tool shows importance of timely discussions

The tool identified times that the agriculture sector should be more engaged in online conversations

A new study provides further understanding into the tides of public opinion around Canadian food, how it’s grown, and the relationship consumers want with farmers and those that process their food. Public opinion: a study of Canadian conversations online on food and farming led by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI), uncovered how food, […] Read more

Editorial: The gaping difference

We’ve known for years that there’s a gaping chasm between the world view of some urbanites and the people who have made it their vocation to care for animals. Luckily for most, that chasm has not been physical. Animal rights activists and livestock farmers haven’t often met. There are some notable exceptions, including activists gaining […] Read more

Why won’t consumers listen?

Farmers have been trying to engage consumers for years — yet the work has had little impact

It happens at farm meetings across Canada. Speakers use words like “engagement” and then talk about how farmers can use Twitter and Facebook to influence people. This has been happening for years at agricultural conferences across Canada. Because of all those presentations, thousands of producers now use social media to connect with consumers and explain […] Read more

The film traces a chef-inspired meal’s ingredients back to their origins to explore how food is produced.

Film delves into urban-rural perspectives on food production

University student Dylan Sher spent time researching the origins of an entree served up in a popular Toronto restaurant

“My opinion is that the farmers don’t actually know the fight they’re in. They just know they’re in a fight.” That’s how soon-to-graduate University of Guelph ag business student Dylan Sher describes his goal in spending the past year writing and helping create the feature-length documentary film “Before the Plate,” which celebrated its premiere screening […] Read more

The Schuurmans were sharing their cross-country tour on their Canadian Milk Tour Twitter account.

Dairy farmers’ cross-Canada tractor tour ends in tragedy

Ontario dairy farmer Bettina Schuurmans dies in collision between tractor and semi truck

What started as a fun summer trip across Canada on a tractor spreading information about dairy farming has ended in tragedy. Henk and Bettina Schuurmans left their Elmira farm June 21 on their John Deere tractor and had been westbound Monday morning from Saskatoon headed toward Langham, Sask. on the Yellowhead Highway, when their tractor […] Read more

Farmers encouraged to make Agriculture Day meme-able

Canada’s farmers are being urged to make closer connections with the country’s non-farming consumers, in both the real world and cyberspace, as Canada’s Agriculture Day nears. Spearheaded by the year-round industry-backed initiative Agriculture More Than Ever, Canada’s Agriculture Day is set this year for Tuesday (Feb. 13). “It’s a time to showcase all of the […] Read more