As seeding season approaches, a new seed royalty pilot is getting off the ground, to some controversy.  Photo: File

Seed pilot project unveiled

Reading Time: 4 minutes The new Seed Variety Use Agreement (SVUA) pilot project, unveiled in Winnipeg Feb. 25, will demonstrate the benefits of farmers paying breeders a royalty for seed saved for planting. But the Prairies’ five wheat and barley commissions have “significant concern” about the project, they said in a news release. The SVUA pilot is being organized […] Read more

Seed companies have confirmed that they are considering the introduction of back-end variety-use contracts on a trial or pilot basis, possibly as early as this year.

Federal seed royalty consultations remain in limbo

The federal government is looking at economic implications

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The future of seed royalty fees remains unclear, as does the future of Ottawa’s consultations, which were cut short last year. A federal consultation on the issue was sidelined when the Liberal government turned its attention to the 2019 federal election. Why it matters: The issue of how royalties will be charged […] Read more

It is thought that many farmers don’t yet know about the changes that could cost them money.

Farm-saved seed royalty decision delayed indefinitely

An economic impact analysis considered key by some has not yet been completed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – How to collect royalties on farm-saved seed was a key issue for seed industry organizations gathered in Whistler, B.C., in mid-July. However, a final decision doesn’t seem likely any time soon as different groups continue to grapple over the best way to collect royalties on newer varieties of seed. As well, knowledge […] Read more

A proposal is on the table to determine whether royalties on saved seed should be included in new regulations.

Opinion: Better case needed for farm-saved seed royalties

Reading Time: 3 minutes Given that seed companies have the ability to negotiate contracts to collect royalties, the definitive argument for government regulation to sanction royalties applied to saved seed has yet to be made. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is in the midst of a consultation process on a proposal to determine whether royalties on saved seed should be […] Read more