Those who manage biosecure livestock barns are careful to have visitors suit up properly, but statistics show employees might not be as careful when entering and leaving barns.

Food safety starts with biosecurity

A University of Montreal study of poultry farms showed biosecurity mistakes can lead to contamination throughout a barn

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Many food safety issues could be resolved at the farm if people changed their behaviour, a veterinarian told those attending a recent meat conference in Toronto. “Some food safety risks could be better controlled early in the food production chain,” said Manon Racicot. The spread of campylobacter, for example, could be curbed […] Read more

Cargill’s quarterly profit up on beef, egg demand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicago | Reuters — Global commodities trader Cargill reported a three per cent increase in adjusted quarterly profit on Thursday, citing strong consumer demand for meat and eggs in North America and growth in its animal nutrition businesses. Cargill, the largest privately held U.S. company, said its adjusted operating earnings rose to $908 million in […] Read more

Chickens can be engaging and curiosity-inducing for people who don’t get to see them often.

Editorial: How far should backyard chicken biosecurity go?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I admit it. I have backyard chickens. For a decade we’ve had about 10 chickens, give or take, on our farm that supply our family with as many eggs as we need. There’s no question that they are pets — and my family has made that clear to me as I have suggested it might […] Read more

The box can hold up to 50 chicks and is designed to prevent dead-on-arrivals.

4-H youth solves problem of chick death with “Safer Chick-ments”

A 14-year-old Canadian created a new design for the boxes in which chicks are shipped and applied for a patent

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – It all started with a 4-H project for 14-year-old Mac Dykeman. A member of a 4-H poultry club at Langley, B.C., she was often dismayed when her orders from the United States arrived with dead birds in the shipment. “I would receive them and open the box and many times find them […] Read more

Chicken Farmers of Ontario, says the program is about bringing new products to market that match consumer needs.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario make more innovation quota available

Reading Time: 1 minute Chicken Farmers of Ontario has launched an application process for its second Ontario Chicken Innovation Award, part of the organization’s commitment to help deliver innovative Ontario chicken products to consumers. The CFO has millions of kilograms of chicken available for successful applicants. “At CFO, we want to help our industry get new products to market […] Read more

A lack of reporting by farmers contributed to the rapid spread of an outbreak of Newcastle disease in California.

Biosecurity key in preventing spread of poultry disease

Lessons learned from U.S. and Canadian outbreaks

Reading Time: 4 minutes Strict adherence to biosecurity protocols was a common denominator as guest speakers offered insight into recent poultry disease outbreaks in Canada and the United States, during meetings hosted by the Poultry Industry Council (PIC). During the organization’s annual research day in early May, and at the annual health day in late June, attendees were provided […] Read more

Litter quality, bird density, migration fences and drinker management are all key to healthy chickens.

Minimizing bird stress all about barn management

Humidity levels must be measured and temperatures properly managed for optimum bird health

Reading Time: 3 minutes The small details of barn management have proved to be key to maintaining healthy birds, especially when not raised with antibiotics. Dr. Brian Fairchild of the University of Georgia says his work over the past several years has focused on the management of the environment inside southern U.S. poultry barns. “What you’re trying to do […] Read more

There may be some value to cleaning out poultry litter, but not sanitizing, in order to inoculate the next litter against disease.

Barn cleaning more complex than thought

Study shows necrotic enteritis precursor not being managed by sanitation protocols

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent research findings show that bacteria that can cause the potentially damaging necrotic enteritis is more likely to be present on a barn floor that has been cleaned and sanitized, as opposed to one from which the litter from the previous flock was simply swept clear. “I don’t exactly know how or why this is […] Read more

Pigeons are more of a concern than other wild birds because they are so common around farmyards.

Monitoring wild bird threats to domestic poultry

Clusters of dead birds are an alarm bell and should be sent for testing

Reading Time: 2 minutes An outbreak of Newcastle disease among cormorants, as was seen in the summer of 2018, can generate significant public interest when it occurs in an area also high in population of sympathetic humans. But from the standpoint of human health and domestic poultry production, a much bigger risk would be present if the same infection […] Read more

Poultry co-ops Exceldor, Granny’s to merge

Reading Time: 2 minutes Quebec poultry co-operative Exceldor is expanding its westward reach through a merger deal with Manitoba-based Granny’s Poultry Co-operative. The two co-ops announced the combination Wednesday, noting it’s already been approved by Granny’s producer members in a “unanimous” vote taken in May, and by the federal Competition Bureau in a decision last month. “The main objective […] Read more