Growers check out the hills in Chad Berry’s direct-seeded potato demonstration.

Direct-seeded potatoes show no harvest hit

Both yield and quality were comparable in an initial trial comparison of traditional spring tillage and direct seeding

Reading Time: 4 minutes The amount and quality of the potatoes coming off Chad Berry’s field last fall weren’t that much different from one side to the other, but one half came with a lot less tillage. Results are in from the 2020 field-scale trial, which featured a side-by-side comparison of conventional spring tillage and direct-seeded potatoes. Why it […] Read more

A small smattering of the different sweet potato flesh colours generated during the research process.

Sweet potato research yields new Canadian option

Radiance variety provides short growing season with top yield production

Reading Time: 3 minutes The future is looking sweet for a Canadian variety of succulent orange-fleshed potato that’s a winter dinner table staple. Valerio Primomo, a Vineland Research Station scientist and vegetable breeder spoke about the development of Radiance, a variety of sweet potato with a short growing season during the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario’s 2020 virtual conference. […] Read more

Potatoes are protected from early and late blight by applications of Mancozeb.

Mancozeb fungicide approved for continued use

There was concern the fungicide’s registration would be cancelled

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mancozeb, a group M fungicide, has been approved for continued use under the the Pest Control Products Act. The pesticide re-evaluation was completed by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) and the announcement was made Nov. 19. Why it matters: The elimination of Mancozeb would have been costly for farmers. The product has been used […] Read more

National potato harvest declines

Dry summers in Ontario, Quebec and Maritime cut into yield

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Canadian potato production will decline this year, possibly by six per cent or more. A hot and dry summer, especially in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes, cut into potato yields across the country. Why it matters: Potatoes are a high value crop for the areas across the country where they are produced. […] Read more

Trudeau pledges $252 million in COVID-19 aid for farmers, processors

Dairy commission's credit line extended for storage program

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ottawa | Reuters — Canada will invest $252 million to help some of the country’s farming and food processing sectors weather the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday, adding more money could come later if needed. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture, one of Canada’s biggest farm groups, asked Ottawa last week for an […] Read more

P.E.I. plans AgriStability top-up, AgriInsurance discount

Province also pledges potato storage funding

Reading Time: 2 minutes Prince Edward Island’s response to COVID-19 includes plans to pump up its farmers’ coverage level under the federal/provincial AgriStability income stabilization program. The P.E.I. government on Thursday announced a support package for farmers including $8.8 million over two years in additional business risk management (BRM) program funds. That includes paying the provincial portion of the […] Read more

EU sets out COVID-19 support for farmers

Moves meant to stabilize markets

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters — The European Commission proposed measures on Wednesday to support farmers hit by the coronavirus restrictions, including aid to store surplus dairy and meat products. Under the proposals, the Commission will grant aid for private storage of milk powder, butter and cheese as well as beef, sheep and goat meat for a […] Read more

Plummeting french fry sales have potato growers re-evaluating

Restaurant closures slash demand, though 'chip sales have been great'

Reading Time: 2 minutes French fry sales are down across North America as tens of thousands of restaurants have closed during COVID-19, meaning the potato industry has to adapt quickly. Companies that turn potatoes into french fries, wedges and hash browns are slowing down, because there isn’t enough space to store all the frozen product. In Alberta and Manitoba, […] Read more

Manitoba eases load limits for grains, livestock, vegetables, fertilizer

'Essential' commodities allowed at normal axle weights on more roads

Reading Time: 2 minutes Springtime load limits on certain Manitoba highways will be lifted early this year for transport of crops, livestock, fertilizer and other “essential” goods. Provincial Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced Tuesday that certain essential goods may be trucked at “normal loading” axle weights on highways usually subject to Level 1 road restrictions during spring thaw. Essential […] Read more

Steven Johnson with the University of Maine says physiological age is one of the key factors for getting the potato crop to perform properly.

Potato seed handling critical to production

Seed, soil and planter factors contribute to efficient emergence

Reading Time: 2 minutes Potato seed choice and preparation, planter setting, and creating the best seed bed all drive better plant emergence. Steven B. Johnson with the University of Maine told the 2020 Ontario Potato Conference and Trade Show held in Guelph March 5, that managing seed is critical to getting even emergence. Why it matters: Inefficient emergence can […] Read more