Each farm’s situation is different relating to equipment and they should make sure to use tools that measure equipment and profit objectively.

When to buy new farm equipment

Costs compared to revenue should guide equipment decisions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Intuition and personal experience have a role to play when considering major equipment purchases, but farms should strive to have a machinery investment strategy based on quantifiable metrics. That was the advice of Travis Jansen on March 22, as he hosted a session for Agri-food Management Excellence (AME). Why it matters: Machinery purchases can represent […] Read more

Planter functions from openers to metering to firming and closing are all focused on creating a perfect seed trench.

Attention to detail keeps planters running precisely

Wear points can have an effect on many parts of planter operation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Careful planter maintenance can eliminate problems at the moment of seed placement that have to be corrected later at expense and with a loss of profits. “I’m not going to go out and replant one row because I identified on my planter that I had a row failing for the first 30 acres, the first […] Read more

Fendt’s Momentum planter helps address compaction with on-the-go tire pressure changes.

What’s new in planter technology

Manufacturers look to better precision, compaction reduction – and speed

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the hunt for higher yields, equipment manufacturers are combining more digital tech with in-field iron to alleviate a variety of planting challenges – from compaction to uneven planting depth.  Addressing localized compaction For Shawn Livingston, Eastern Canada regional manager for Precision Planting Inc., the impact of localized compaction on crop root development has been […] Read more

The Meter Max Ultra Test Stand calibrates any brand or type of meter. It drives the meter at the same speed and population the grower dials in.

Planter calibration critical to planter ROI

Every one per cent gain in meter accuracy can mean one to two bushels of yield

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Research during the past two decades tells corn growers that seed spacing, seed singulation and seed placement are critical factors in extracting top returns from that big input investment. Why it matters: Accurate seed placement is critical when planting thousands of seeds per hour. The most important task in any cropping system […] Read more

A deal for Planters would be Hormel Foods’ biggest to date, the Wall Street Journal said. (Kraft Heinz promotional video screengrab via YouTube)

Kraft Heinz reported in talks to sell Planters snack business

Pandemic-based surge in snack demand wanes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Reuters — Kraft Heinz is in talks to sell its Planters snack business to Skippy peanut butter maker Hormel Foods for about US$3 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter. The deal could be announced as soon as next week if talks do not fall apart, the Journal […] Read more

The Fendt Momentum planter was built from the ground up to reduce compaction including tire inflation that changes depending on weight distribution.

Managing planting pressure

Reading Time: 2 minutes Colossal combines and behemoth buggies might be the leading compaction culprits in autumn, but tractors and seeders can cause compaction in spring too. Technologies exist to reduce the compaction risk in spring, but are they worth the investment? Why it matters: Planters pose a compaction risk when driven on damp spring soils. The move from […] Read more

Wayne Vitek plants soybeans with a Smart Firmer on the planter.

More sensors for planters

A seed trench firmer with sensors takes readings every eighth of an inch across the field

Reading Time: 4 minutes As Wayne Vitek drove across a field near Mitchell’s Bay planting soybeans recently, a group of sensors took 200 readings per second at the soil level. A Smart Firmer was in place of where a Keaton Seed firmer might have been, flattening the soil over the seed trench, but also collecting data on soil organic […] Read more

Geoff, left, and Mike Strang modified a new planter to plant two different hybrids of corn in one planting pass.

Bringing high-tech down to earth

These Exeter-area brothers have embraced multi-hybrid planting — but so far results are mixed

Reading Time: 6 minutes When farmers Mike and Geoff Strang went looking for a new planter, they weren’t content with buying the latest technology off the shelf. They took their new Kinze 3600Tr planter home and modified it so they can now sow two different corn hybrids at variable rates according to varying soil conditions and yield potential. The […] Read more

Hydraulic drives were home built.

A multi-hybrid planter rebuild

Reading Time: 3 minutes How do you take a split hybrid, twin row planter and make it plant dual hybrids one in the front planter row and one in the back? It takes ingenuity, mechanical know-how and some help from eBay. Mike and Geoff Strang, who farm near Exeter, wanted their new Kinze 3600TR planter to plant two corn […] Read more


Deere to license Precision Planting wares to Ag Leader

Reading Time: 2 minutes Iowa precision ag equipment maker Ag Leader will be able to make and sell high-speed planting equipment using certain systems from Precison Planting — when, or if, Deere and Co. seals its deal to buy the latter company. Deere and Ag Leader announced Wednesday they will have a licensing agreement in place allowing Ag Leader to […] Read more