The Canadian Pork Excellence program aims to bring several quality assurance requirements together into one audit and process.

Canadian Pork Excellence launched after five-year review

After some backlash from producers and a pilot test period, the program is better adapted for pork producers across Canada

In December of 2014 the Canadian Pork Council decided to update and review the Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA) program to continue supplying foreign markets with high quality Canadian pork. Five years and an extensive process later, on April 1, Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) was launched. It is a national platform demonstrating Canadian pork producers’ commitment […] Read more

Sows have become much more productive since Flowers started his career 32 years ago. They are better able to produce large litters consistently and able to produce enough milk to raise those piglets.

Sow longevity impacts start before they are born

Gilts born as part of small litters are much more likely to develop into productive sows

Sows are leaving farms long before they reach the stage of profitability, says Dr. Billy Flowers, one of North America’s best-known sow reproduction experts. Flowers, a professor at North Carolina State University, says the situation isn’t conducive to long-term productivity for the pork sector. His research shows that farmers may need to select gilts based […] Read more

China finds more cases of African swine fever on Hainan island

Beijing | Reuters – China has detected new cases of African swine fever in six farms across four locations in Hainan province, the agriculture ministry said on Sunday, adding to two earlier cases of the contagious disease identified in the province on Friday. The disease, which is fatal to pigs but harmless in humans, has […] Read more

Sources: European Reference Laboratory; The Pirbright Institute.

Canada imports pork from Poland, despite African swine fever

If the disease appears in Canada, countries could ban imports of Canadian pork and cause billions in economic damage

Canada continues to import pork from Poland, even though it has had hundreds of cases of ASF. For the first 11 months of 2018, Canada imported more than $25 million worth of pork from Poland, based on Agriculture Canada data. Infected meat is the primary vector of ASF, a viral disease that can cause fever, […] Read more

Canada has a significant reputation for biosecurity, but the arrival of ASF would be devastating.

Canada’s pork industry is on high alert

African swine fever is spreading rapidly in other parts of the world and could cause catastrophic losses if it reached Canada. Here’s how the industry is trying to keep it out

Pork industry officials have welcomed bumped up biosecurity — including more detector dogs — at airports as one of several strategies to keep African swine fever (ASF) out of Canada. As an export dependent country, Canada is particularly at risk from the deadly virus. If it surfaced here, customers would quickly close their borders to […] Read more

U.S. to train more beagles to sniff out swine fever

Chicago | Reuters — The U.S. government will increase the number of dogs used to sniff out illegal pork products at airports and seaports in an effort to keep out a contagious hog disease that has spread across Asia and Europe, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Wednesday. The disease, African swine fever, can […] Read more

PEDv arrives in Alberta hogs

Veterinary officials in Alberta are now investigating the province’s first-ever outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in hogs. Alberta Pork, the province’s hog producer commission, and the provincial government on Tuesday announced an outbreak of the viral disease at what was described as a “400-head hog operation.” Javier Bahamon, quality assurance and production manager for […] Read more

Shutting down small hog operations in China and moving production to large farms could result in a herd reduction that is the equivalent of almost the entire herd in the United States. This would drastically affect supply in the Asian country and in markets such as this one in Beijing.

The long-term African swine fever implications

Some analysts think the effect on the Chinese swine herd could be catastrophic

Analysts think African swine fever could destroy China’s hog herd, forcing it to significantly increase meat imports. African swine fever is about to unleash the most profound changes in meat and feedgrain markets that farmers will see in their lifetime, says a market analyst. Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors, said a “pandemic of […] Read more