Can icons simplify chemical labels?

Experts argue an internationally used set of icons could make labels easier to update and understand

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Judging a herbicide by its label can sometimes be as difficult as judging a book by its cover, especially if you’re reading product labels on your tiny smartphone screen. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency database on labels is made up of PDF files, which are often difficult to use when projected on […] Read more

Potato fungicide restrictions will lead to more expensive application options.

Fungicide reductions challenge potato growers

Spraying programs could double in cost in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Regulatory changes by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) are limiting fungicide options for Ontario potato farmers. That means more cost and more chance of resistance, says Darin Gibson with Gaia Consulting Ltd. in Manitoba. He spoke on the topic at the 2020 Ontario Potato Conference held in Guelph March 5. Why it matters: The […] Read more

Neonic insecticides are very often used when planting corn and soybeans.

Neonic paperwork burden reduced

There will be less requirement for regular renewals of risk assessment processes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario’s government is streamlining the regulations around neonicotinoid insecticides and that should reduce the amount of paperwork required to manage the seed treatment. The changes will also decrease the need for using certified assessors to evaluate the need for the insecticides, also known as neonics. Why it matters: The large amount of paperwork involved in […] Read more

undissolved or unsuspended material can slowly plug sprayers, which can also happen when the farmer isn’t applying the correct rate.

Know your tank mixes to avoid incompatibilities with sprayers, products

Jar tests, reading the label and asking trusted advisors are good steps

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farmers need to know whether the products they’re putting into their sprayer tanks will get along or whether they risk plugged nozzles, crop injury and reduced weed control, provincial extension advisors warn. Mike Cowbrough, weed specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Jason Deveau, application technology with OMAFRA, suggest farmers […] Read more

Potato growers could be among the most affected by the re-evaluation of chlorothalonil.

Fungicide re-evaluation has growers looking for alternatives

PMRA re-evaluation of chlorothalonil will make it more difficult to use

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chlorothalonil, a broad-spectrum multi-site fungicide active ingredient found in horticulture fungicides, has been re-evaluated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for all uses within agriculture and turf. It is part of PMRA protocol to re-evaluate pesticide products every 15 years, or sooner, as science evolves and new information, methodologies and approaches become available to […] Read more

Health Canada has released its final decision on neonic insecticides and their potential impact on bees and other pollinators. The department will take several steps to reduce the risk to bees, but neonic seed treatments will not be affected.

Neonic seed treatments seen as safe for bees

Health Canada ruling yet to come on safety for aquatic insects

Reading Time: 2 minutes For years, groups like the David Suzuki Foundation and the Ontario Beekeepers Association have argued that neonicotinoid seed treatments represent a systemic threat to bees. “Health Canada… will be cancelling some uses of these pesticides, and changing other conditions of use such as restricting the timing of application,” a department news release said. “Remaining uses […] Read more

Environment commissioner criticizes neonic registrations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ottawa | Reuters — Canada’s official environmental watchdog on Tuesday expressed concern that authorities were allowing the long-term use of pesticides linked to bee deaths despite not having enough information about the products. Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) can grant a five-year provisional license to some products to give manufacturers time to provide […] Read more