Canadian farm exports hit new Chinese obstacles amid diplomatic dispute

Winnipeg/Beijing | Reuters — An expanding list of Canadian farm exports is hitting obstacles at Chinese ports, leaving sellers of soybeans, peas and pork scrambling amid a bitter diplomatic dispute. China has already blocked Canadian canola from Richardson International and Viterra, two of Canada’s biggest farm exporters, saying that shipments had pests. Other China-bound canola […] Read more

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks at a news conference in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 7, 2019.

Opinion: Federal government struggles to deal with trade irritants

Capital Letters with Kelsey Johnson of iPolitics

The Trudeau government has a trade problem down on the farm. The Chinese government recently announced it had embargoed canola exports from one of this country’s largest grain exporters: Richardson International Ltd. The Richardson embargo comes at a time of increased diplomatic tensions between Canada and China. Beijing says the move is required because a […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Nothing new in India

Very little has changed for Canadian pulses in terms of exports to India, according to an analyst. Meanwhile, Canadian stocks of dry field peas and lentils are still relatively large, according to Statistics Canada. India in 2017 imposed import duties to protect its domestic pulse industry and is rumoured to be solidifying those duties, according […] Read more