The Cronin family recently joined Alliance Genetics Canada.

Alliance Genetics growing Ontario hog nucleus with new member

The Cronin family’s new Norfolk County barn will be a purebred genetic nucleus for AGC

Alliance Genetics is expanding its Ontario purebred nucleus herd with a new partner. Mike and Amy Cronin of Cronin Family Farms are joining Alliance Genetics Canada (AGC) with a new 1,500-sow barn in Norfolk County that will serve as a purebred genetic nucleus for Vista Villa Genetics, a partner in AGC. The Cronins join existing […] Read more

Most hogs in Canada are sold under contract, but the contract price is underpinned by the American price of pigs.

Can Canada break away from U.S. livestock pricing?

Canadian prices have plunged in concert with the U.S. market’s response to that country’s disruptive trade agenda. Some are asking whether Canada can decouple to a pricing mechanism more closely tied to global fundamentals

Pork, beef and other meat prices in Canada have been driven down over the past two months to where farmers are losing money on most animals they ship. The decline is mostly driven by tariffs placed on U.S. pork by China and Mexico in retaliation for American tariffs on steel and aluminum. Canadian pricing is […] Read more

Competitors made sure that their pigs had enough water during the warm days at the Ontario Pork Congress.

Making bacon at the Ontario Pork Congress

There were a record 60-plus entries at the Bacon Maker Classic at the Ontario Pork Congress this year. The 4-H members showed their market pigs in showmanship and confirmation classes. Pigs mill about as the judge looks over this Bacon Maker Classic class for conformation.

Farmers have relied on non-veterinarian sellers of antimicrobials. New regulations would restrict those type of purchases, other than from a pharmacy or a veterinarian.

Kicking the antimicrobial habit

Farmers have already lost ability to use antimicrobials for growth enhancement; tighter purchasing restrictions are next

Farmers worry new Health Canada regulations that require veterinary prescriptions for commonly used antimicrobials will affect the industry’s competitiveness. Why it matters: Resistance to antimicrobials continues to grow among diseases that harm humans. Limiting the amount of those antimicrobials used in animal agriculture has become a step to maintaining antimicrobials for human use. The use […] Read more

Tara Terpstra wants to prevent disease in her barn, before she has to cure it.

Battling hog barn bugs

Farmers dealing with tighter access to antimicrobials look to prevention versus treatment

Livestock farmers across Canada are bracing for extra costs as Health Canada moves to further lock down their access to antimicrobials, but Huron Country hog farmers Tara and Dennis Terpstra anticipate an easy transition. When their business arrangement changed in 2015, the Terpstras seized the opportunity to re-evaluate their herd management. The result was a […] Read more

There's potential for big data to be an important tool to help eliminate disease risks.

Need growing for big data on pigs

There are an increasing number of projects that collect and share data in the swine industry, to increase efficiency and manage disease

Big data and information systems are becoming an increasingly large part of the pork industry in Ontario. Systems that were created independently for disease surveillance and software to manage pig traceability are now starting to converge, creating more efficiencies and higher value information for the sector. Why it matters: There are increasing demands for documentation […] Read more

Farm groups weigh options after hog truck verdict

Officials with Ontario farm groups plan to “discuss next steps” following the dismissal of charges against an animal welfare activist who gave drinks to hogs aboard a livestock trailer. Justice David Harris of the Ontario Court of Justice on Thursday dismissed a charge of criminal mischief against Anita Krajnc of the self-described “grassroots, animal rights, […] Read more

Ontario supports local pork branding program

The Ontario government has provided Ontario Pork with up to $2 million to encourage more consumers to eat and purchase Ontario pork. In a release, the government said this supports Ontario’s local food strategy helping to make more local food available in the province’s markets, schools, cafeterias, grocery stores and restaurants. It said that since 2003, […] Read more