More prolonged release of nitrogen can help corn better use the fertilizer.

Better nitrogen efficiency

A soil ecologist discusses nitrogen efficiency products and how they work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nitrogen loss from leaching, atmospheric exposure, and soil runoff can be costly. However, there are products designed to minimize that loss. And according to Mario Tenuta, professor of applied soil ecology at the University of Manitoba, the stronger the product is, the better. Why it matters: Nitrogen is an expensive input on farms and with […] Read more

One of the screens from the Crop Nutrient Needs Calculator.

Nutrient management program gets new look

Agrisuite updates to better accommodate farmers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Agrisuite, Ontario farmers’ nutrient management software, will have a fresh new look come winter. Web browsers’ inability to support the aging software was the initial reason for the revamp, but the Agrisuite development team is taking the opportunity to advance, simplify and promote the program with funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Why it matters: […] Read more

Making fertilizer available to growing corn is key to getting it growing quickly.

Comparing banding to broadcasting fertilizer

Precision Planting research shows 50 per cent of corn P and N should be banded at planting

Reading Time: 3 minutes A team at technology/consulting company Precision Planting has completed research that compares banding fertilizer applications to broadcasting. Banding brings a higher yield potential. “The soil bank unreliably controls the fertilizer,” said Cory Muhlbauer at the 2019 Winter Conference put on by Precision Planting, referring to broadcast-applied fertilizers. When a grower broadcasts fertilizer on the soil […] Read more

Maurice Chauvin and the a Salford RTS machine that he uses on his farm.

Curiosity and care guide farm’s principles

The Chauvin farm takes a long-term view on measures like soil organic matter

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Essex Soil and Crop Improvement Association recently bestowed its 2018 Conservation Farm of the Year award to Maurice (Moe) Chauvin, a sixth-generation grain farmer from Pointe-aux-Roches (known as Stoney Point to Anglophones). The award is granted annually to a farm within Essex County that displays conservation-minded management practices. For Chauvin, adopting such practices starts […] Read more

Manitoba pulls less-loved ag tax credits in budget

Reading Time: 3 minutes More funding for agriculture innovation in Manitoba’s latest provincial budget will be offset in part by an immediate end for several of the less popular tax credits available for farm use. Provincial Finance Minister Cameron Friesen on Tuesday laid out a 2017-18 budget with an overall $840 million deficit, based on a four per cent […] Read more

Farm business tax credits on tap in Manitoba budget

Reading Time: 2 minutes Expansions and extensions for tax credits of use to Manitoba farmers and small agribusinesses were laid out Thursday in the province’s latest budget. Finance Minister Greg Dewar’s plan calls for an expansion of the province’s small business venture capital tax credit, broadening its list of eligible businesses to include “non-traditional farming” ventures, as well as […] Read more