Chaga is a functional mushroom species that offers immune-boosting benefits. It can be ground and added to foods and beverages.

Mushrooms offer new products and opportunities

Fungi are the newest trend in plant-based alternatives

Reading Time: 3 minutes The popularity of pea and soy-derived proteins as food ingredients is growing rapidly due to strong consumer demand for alternative proteins and meat substitutes.  Mushrooms are a promising plant-based ingredient emerging along with those foodstuffs. Why it matters: According to Natural Products Canada, fungi can transform solid matter, changing both its chemical composition and its […] Read more

The Mycionics system also trims and packs mushrooms.

Two Ontario farms to test automated mushroom harvesting system

Creating a system that can select the right mushrooms without bruising is the challenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes The vision of an automated harvesting system for the mushroom industry recently took a significant step closer to becoming a reality. The federal government, through its national supercluster for advanced manufacturing, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen), announced almost $4.2 million in funding to improve the mushroom harvesting system that Putnam,Ont.-based Mycionics Inc. has been developing. […] Read more

BioLiNE’s purification process isolates a fulvic acid that is very active, producing better consistency and performance for crop production. Shown here are corn ears treated with BioLiNE’s biostimulant versus untreated.

Fulvic acid produced from mushroom compost

Ontario company creates sustainable crop additive that boosts plant responses

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the focus on soil health and environmental sustainability grows, new products can help farmers improve their soil as well as boost crop nutrient and water use.  BioLiNE Corp., located near Alvinston in southwestern Ontario, is producing biostimulants — products that when applied to crops, stimulate the plants’ natural processes. It was founded in 2016 […] Read more

Mushrooms exposed to UV light for 200 seconds created 60 micrograms of vitamin D in 100 grams of mushrooms.

Mushrooms exposed to UV light produce Vitamin D

Research results could lead to value-added opportunities for producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes New research shows UV-C light treatment increases Vitamin D2 in mushroom caps and stems in both white and brown mushrooms. Why it matters: These new findings provide farmers with the opportunity to better manage their post-harvest handling and storage and can add value and nutritional benefits to consumers. Mushrooms are the only produce containing Vitamin […] Read more

Loveday mushrooms on a 2016 episode of TV cooking show “Great Tastes of Manitoba.” (Great Tastes of Manitoba video screengrab via YouTube)

U.S. mushroom giant buys major Manitoba grower

Loveday Mushroom Farms joins South Hill Champs

Reading Time: 2 minutes A major player in the North American mushroom business expects to expand its reach in the U.S. Midwest and Canada’s Prairies with a deal for a storied Winnipeg producer. South Mill Champs, formed in 2018 from the merger of Philadelphia-area producer South Mill and Aldergrove, B.C.-based Champs Mushrooms, announced Tuesday it has expanded to include […] Read more

Canadian Mushrooms Growers’ Association CEO Ryan Koeslag speaks online with members of the Commons standing ag committee. (Video screengrab from

Federal ag supports ‘too little, too late’ for mushroom growers

Timing of programs for TFWs, surplus food purchases leaves aid out of reach: CMGA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ottawa — Members of Parliament sitting on the committee dealing with agricultural issues continue to hear concerns over the federal government’s response to COVID-19. During the Commons standing committee on agriculture and agri-food’s online meeting Wednesday, representatives of the Canadian Mushrooms Growers’ Association raised “grave concerns” over the support CMGA members have received. CEO Ryan […] Read more

Golden oyster mushrooms are among the many varieties of gourmet mushrooms grown in Canada.

Consumer curiosity expands mushroom sector

Specialty mushroom production makes up only two per cent of total Canadian production, but interest is growing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The specialty mushroom market has been growing steadily for years. Ryan Koeslag, chief executive officer of Mushrooms Canada, said figures indicate a 25 per cent increase annually in specialty mushroom production, although given there are relatively few growers, the numbers aren’t as large as that figure might suggest. Statistics Canada data indicate […] Read more

Opinion: Open letter to Ontario mushroom farmers

Opinion: Open letter to Ontario mushroom farmers

Reading Time: < 1 minute You are to be applauded for your development of the specialty mushroom industry but the consolidation of your button mushroom industry is all but complete. The $50 million that used to be shared by more than 300 family operations in the button mushroom industry in Ontario is now consolidated into a few hands. A monopoly […] Read more


Mushroom grower Highline expands westward reach

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada’s biggest mushroom grower is set to further expand its market space in Western Canada with a deal for a West Coast competitor. Highline Mushrooms of Leamington, Ont. announced Wednesday it will buy Prairie Mushrooms of Langley, B.C. for an undisclosed sum. Highline, which has operated since 1961 and was taken over in 2016 by […] Read more


Major B.C. mushroom grower merging into U.S. firm

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of Canada’s biggest mushroom producers is set to merge into one of the biggest North American players in the same sector. Pennsylvania-based South Mill Mushrooms, which grows for distribution across the U.S. and into Eastern Canada, announced Tuesday it will combine its operations with those of Champ’s Mushrooms, based at Aldergrove in the Vancouver […] Read more