Meat producer groups have been advocating for freer interprovincial trade in meat for years.

Easier interprovincial meat trade could be allowed in a meat shortage

A process was recently created to allow meat that isn't federally inspected to move across provincial borders

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will allow interprovincial trade of provincially inspected meat if necessary to alleviate meat shortages. Moving meat not inspected by the federal system across a provincial border will require a Ministerial Exemption. A process to obtain that was released last week. The process is temporary, in place during the COVID-19 […] Read more

Great Canadian is one of the sausages created at Finest Sausage & Meat in Kitchener.

Independent meat processors show increase in sales during COVID-19

Restaurant and market sales are down for independent meat processors, but overall sales have increased

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ontario Meat and Poultry, representing Ontario’s independent meat processors, says that business has increased during COVID-19. The pandemic has driven up demand for independent meat processors across the province as consumers are purchasing more products and looking for options outside of grocery stores. Why it matters: Independent meat processors have seen increasing demand, but virus […] Read more

Beef demand soars as consumers ‘aggressively’ stock up

Surge in sales accompanied by a jump in people looking online for recipes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada’s beef demand has been strong during the pandemic. “Unlike previous disease outbreak issues, COVID-19 has not been about food safety or consumer confidence or issues with food products,” Canada Beef president Michael Young said during a recent online town hall. “Beef demand at retail is up 50 to 70 per cent. Consumers have aggressively […] Read more

The new meat science laboratory includes a student observation deck.

Federally licensed university abattoir upgraded

University of Guelph abattoir helps small research projects get processed

Reading Time: 3 minutes The University of Guelph is home to the only federally licensed university abattoir in Canada. The almost 50-year-old facility recently underwent a $2.5 million overhaul, re-opening last year as a modern meat science laboratory. Why it matters: Large commercial abattoirs find it difficult to accommodate small pilot projects and most smaller plants lack the necessary […] Read more

More people are eating veal, but processing capacity is limiting Ontario producers from filling the demand.

Producers reluctant to sign on with verified veal program

Lack of Ontario-based federal processing capacity cited as factor limiting adoption of the program

Reading Time: 3 minutes Veal producers in Ontario are looking on as their counterparts in Quebec see gains in access to both domestic and international markets while their own ability to supply Ontario-raised meat to Ontario consumers continues to be hampered. “I agree, it is always nice to see a local product on a local shelf,” said Auburn-area producer […] Read more

Editorial: New chicken plant a needed investment

Reading Time: 3 minutes The contrast between the announcement of the closure of the General Motors auto plant in Oshawa, and the launch of the new Maple Leaf Food poultry processing plant couldn’t be more stark. It’s a difference between a sector being disrupted and in decline, and one that continues to grow and draw investment. Mark Brock, past […] Read more

Shutting down small hog operations in China and moving production to large farms could result in a herd reduction that is the equivalent of almost the entire herd in the United States. This would drastically affect supply in the Asian country and in markets such as this one in Beijing.

The long-term African swine fever implications

Some analysts think the effect on the Chinese swine herd could be catastrophic

Reading Time: 3 minutes Analysts think African swine fever could destroy China’s hog herd, forcing it to significantly increase meat imports. African swine fever is about to unleash the most profound changes in meat and feedgrain markets that farmers will see in their lifetime, says a market analyst. Shawn Hackett, president of Hackett Financial Advisors, said a “pandemic of […] Read more

Ontario beef farmers are losing $200 to $300 per head.

Livestock price drop being felt by farmers

An August drop in prices in pork and beef mean losses across the province

Reading Time: 3 minutes The drop in the livestock markets in the past couple of months is concerning because the factors that created it show little sign of abating. “I think if we saw an end in sight, we’d ride through it,” said Joe Hill, president of the Beef Farmers of Ontario. “Unfortunately this is more than just (the […] Read more

Tyson Innovation Lab launched its new brand, iYappah! with these protein snacks made from food trimmings that in the past were discarded.

Opinion: What’s for dinner? Re-imagining leftovers

Now we can all help the world’s second largest meat processor fight food waste

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes deciding what to feed the family after a long, arduous day juggling daycare, jobs and traffic seems overwhelmingly complicated. If the May 31 news release from the U.S.-based Tyson Innovation Lab is any indication, deciding what we’re going to put into our mouths next is about to get more cluttered with new products, new […] Read more