North American business development manager for Dairypower Equipment, Adam Steward, explained the features of the company’s Smart Manure Aeration System during a barn tour at Sigview Farms near Moorefield.

Continually agitated manure system launches in North America

Irish-developed system installed in new Wellington County dairy barn

Reading Time: 4 minutes In an innovative new dairy barn near Moorefield, the centuries-old practice of composting solid manure is being combined with a new-to-North-America approach to continually agitating liquid manure. On May 12, Kristina and Simon Signer moved their 53 Brown Swiss from a tie-stall set-up in the Sigview Farms bank barn to a new composting bedded pack […] Read more

Harvested fields a good time to improve soil health

OMAFRA Field Crop Report for July 23

Reading Time: 3 minutes Harvested wheat fields offer the perfect opportunity to focus on improving soil health. Planting cover crops and/or applying manure or other organic amendments provides soil microbes with the carbon compounds that help create a more porous soil structure which improves water, air and nutrient cycling. Here are a few common questions that come up every […] Read more

From left: 1-clean water; 2-ammoniacal nitrogen; 3-bio-liquid potassium. The Solugen treatment creates clean water and usable nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, all of which can be put back into farm soils or put into other uses.

Hog manure treatment could limit need for manure pits

Canadian technology separates manure into water, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus

Reading Time: 2 minutes Solugen, a Quebec-based company, is testing a manure separation technology on a hog farm. Widespread implementation of the technology could limit the need for manure pits. The technology was invented to assist in the treatment of liquid residual materials to help simplify wastewater management while enhancing the value of contaminants. It didn’t take long for […] Read more

Dave Green and his parents, Gord and Laura Green, own Greenholm Farms in Embro, Ont. Methane gas produced from 
organics and cattle manure generate electricity on the farm that is sold into the Ontario power grid.

Tapping into the power of methane

Producing power on a dairy farm increases the complexity of the farm’s facilities and management

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The owners of Greenholm farms near Embro have created a “circle of agriculture” by adding a biogas digester. The circle helps cycle nutrients throughout the system, tied together by barn systems, machinery and expertise. The owners, Gord and Laura Green, along with their son and business partner, Dave, have discovered that producing […] Read more

Quebec ag co-op to power up on dairy cattle manure

Reading Time: 2 minutes About a dozen Quebec dairy farms will be getting their collective manure together next year for the province’s first-ever ag co-operative devoted to renewable natural gas. Coop Agri-Energie Warwick, launched Monday, plans to start construction this spring on a $12 million biomethanization plant which will take in slurry and manure from dairy cattle mixed with […] Read more

The Smithfield Foods processing plant in Smithfeld,Virginia, in 2017.

Smithfield looks through whole supply chain to limit carbon impact

Manure remains the largest impact on carbon for the worldwide swine production company

Reading Time: 3 minutes Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest producer and processor of hogs, has a significant plan to reduce carbon emissions from its operations. The company has set a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 25 per cent by 2025 in its United States operations. Why it matters: Farmers are increasingly under pressure to reduce carbon emissions. […] Read more

Manure flows through the multiple small hoses with the help of a series of macerators capable of chopping manure solids and 
preventing plug-ups and time-consuming cleanouts.

Using the 3Rs to advance the 4Rs

Manure applicators aren’t using more advanced tech, because Ontario manure isn’t clean enough

Reading Time: 2 minutes In much of Europe there have been restrictions to applying manure only during the growing season. There the technology has been perfected over time to meet those needs. Wouldn’t it be fitting to bring the technology to Ontario without the same application restrictions? I asked a few custom applicators what was holding them back from […] Read more

The biodigester at Harcolm Farms.

Mini-biodigester offers big output for Ontario dairy farm

Ontario’s only mini-biodigester has been operating for more than a year and has changed how Harcolm Farms manages manure

Reading Time: 3 minutes After about 18 months of operation, Ontario’s one and only mini-digester is going strong. It’s situated at Harcolm Farms near Beachville, Ont., and owned by dairy farmers Rob and Rachel McKinlay. Minis are a fraction of the cost of a full-sized digester (there are more than 40 here in Ontario) and require much simpler permitting. […] Read more

Joel Stam, with son Nathaniel, has three collectors running in his new sand-bedded barn.

The quiet manure sucker tries out sand

Lely’s manure vacuum is being tested in Ontario farms with sand bedding

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lely has become known for its robots, small and large, that hum their way around dairy barns. They’re found in feed alleys and shoving manure down slats behind cows, but the latest is the Discovery 120 Collector, that runs up and down an alley among the cows, sucks up the manure and delivers it to […] Read more

Florence shuts down U.S. slaughterhouses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chicago/Los Angeles | Reuters — U.S. food companies kept slaughter plants shut on Monday in southeastern states swamped by Hurricane Florence as flash floods collapsed the walls of at least two hog manure pits, made roads undriveable and delayed rail shipments. Catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Florence, which has dumped up to 36 inches of rain […] Read more