Connecting smart sensors and devices and using big data analysis and mathematical and artificial intelligence models in growing-to-finishing operations can decrease protein intake by 25 per cent and nitrogen excretion by 40 per cent, says an AAFC research scientist from Quebec.

Precision feeding has greater potential in hog operations

Researchers say precision livestock nutrition could become part of commercial hog operations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Precision livestock nutrition can maximize nutrient use and profitability in hog operations. PLN, as it’s known, is part of the emerging concept of smart farming, or precision livestock farming, that uses information and technology to monitor and control farm processes. Nutrition is a key part of that, said Dr. Candido Pomar, research […] Read more

The HydroGreen feed on a conveyor being moved to where it will become part of a total mixed ration.

Hydroponic system offers year-round on-farm feed solution

The vertical farm system can make sense where land is expensive and dairy feed scarce

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine having a steady, fresh supply of livestock feed available daily that’s not subject to price fluctuation or unpredictable weather.  That’s the vision behind HydroGreen’s fully automated system that applies the principles of indoor vertical farming to producing livestock feed.  “In agriculture specifically, we have some very important dilemmas where farmers are being asked to […] Read more

Studies have shown that cows given a ration with shorter chop length had higher intake throughout the dry period than those given a longer chop.

Consistent feed crucial in dry cows

Avoiding changes in diet before calving has been shown to keep cows in better condition

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – It’s all about consistent feed intake and maintenance of rumen health for dairy cows in the transition period before calving. There was a time when producers believed a drop in feed intake in the high-straw diet was a natural process for cows in the days or weeks before calving, said Trevor DeVries, […] Read more

Flaxseed oil is widely recognized for its human health benefits.

Flaxseed can help during cow transition

Reading Time: 2 minutes Adding linseed oil to dairy cattle diets can benefit herd health, fertility and milk quality, according to studies outlined at the recent digital version of the 2021 Eurotier livestock farm show. The Hamburger Liestungfutter company’s Wisan-Lein products have been promoted for pet food use, but cattle product manager Anika Henke used Eurotier, Europe’s largest farm […] Read more

The ZELP device captures large methane emissions from cows and turns them into carbon dioxide.

European innovations aim to capture waste from cows

There’s a lot of research on feed additives to reduce methane output, but collection devices are starting to show up

Reading Time: 5 minutes European inventors are coming up with what might seem outlandish ways to manage emissions from cattle — collecting the emissions and excretions from both ends. In late 2020, the United Kingdom-based Zero Emissions Livestock Project (ZELP) announced its efforts to equip cattle with halters harbouring a methane-converting fan and filter system. Why it matters: Consumer […] Read more

Feeding sheep looks different on every farm, but it’s important for forages to be harvested at the proper stage to ensure optimal quality.

Feed quality starts with proper harvest

Different forages have different ideal harvest stages

Reading Time: 3 minutes Different forage types require different harvest practices for optimal feed quality, says Courtney Vriens, ruminant nutritionist with Vriens Nutrition Consulting. Each of the four main types of forage used by sheep producers, alfalfa, grass, small grain silages and corn silage, provide excellent feed quality if harvested and managed properly. Why it matters: Accomplishing on-farm goals […] Read more

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Canadian feed-grade dairy product class expanded

Buttermilk products now qualify for 4(m) permit price

Reading Time: < 1 minute A dairy product class set up to boost markets for solids non-fat (SNF), by boosting their use in animal feed such as milk replacer, has been expanded to include more products. The Canadian Dairy Commission announced Monday that its 4(m) milk class has been updated to allow dairy processors to get the 4(m) permit price […] Read more

Research says disease travels on feed. The hog sector is working to limit the risk.

Livestock feed imports restricted to limit disease risk

There are cascading effects in the global feed and ingredients system as countries, including Canada, clamp down to limit African swine fever risk

Reading Time: 4 minutes North America’s livestock feed system continues to change to manage the risk of disease travelling on feed. The changes have meant world-leading restrictions on feed imports to Canada and a decline in imports of soybean meal into the U.S. from areas of major swine diseases. It’s also meant that some large farms are adopting supplier-to-farm […] Read more

Pig diets containing either extruded or unprocessed corn, wheat, and sorghum were studied to determine ileal starch and amino acid digestibility.

Extruded grains may be better for pigs

Science Notes: Fibre digestibility saw little change when feeding extruded grains

Reading Time: 2 minutes Feeding extruded products is the norm in the pet and aqua feed industries, yet it remains unusual for swine feed in the United States and in Canada. The technology can improve energy and protein digestibility in pigs, according to research from the University of Illinois. “We’re not doing this much in the U.S., partly because […] Read more

The Lely Exos roams fields harvesting fresh forage and taking it back to a barn for feeding.

Lely launches new dairy feed, manure technology

Products focus on reducing environmental impact and labour

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lely launched three new pieces of equipment on Oct. 6 that increase dairy farm automation, and continue the integration of Lely technology from the farm through to further processing. The technologies won’t immediately find ready homes in Canada in many cases, but show the direction the dairy automation leader is headed. Fresh grass every day […] Read more