Beef sector aims for new 2030 targets

Organizations involved in Canada's National Beef Strategy have announced new goals for the beef sector for the next decade

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Canadian beef industry has new benchmarks to reach for in the next decade. The organizations involved in Canada’s National Beef Strategy — the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canada Beef Breeds Council, Beef Cattle Research Council, Canada Beef, The National Cattle Feeders’ Association, Canadian Meat Council and Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef have announced new 2030 […] Read more

Manitoba to open more Crown lands to haying, grazing

Province now taking requests for permits

Reading Time: < 1 minute Manitoba livestock producers up against dry conditions can now apply for temporary passes to get onto Crown land not normally designated for grazing or haying. The province announced Friday it will make such lands available this year for agricultural use “under certain circumstances.” Permits and land uses will be handled through the Agricultural Crown Lands […] Read more

Sheep graze between apple trees at Carrie Woolley and Brett Schuyler’s farm.

Sheep pastures expanded into orchards, woodlots

Norfolk County producers were winners of sheep pasture award

Reading Time: 3 minutes Adding hay and sheep to the output from land that continues as an apple orchard certainly seems like an idea with merit. Add to that the pasturing of sheep and even geese in once-neglected woodlots, and grazing on corn stalks into the early winter, and it’s not surprising the innovations of Norfolk County’s Schuyler Farms […] Read more

Cattle graze at Carlton Angus Cattle Company.

Award winners focus on managing cows and calves on pasture

Fresh water, grazing rotation followed by Mapleseed, TESA winners

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beef Farmers of Ontario hands out two awards for pasture and environmental management — and both usually end up with similarities and that was the case in 2020. Both the Mapleseed Pasture Award winner and The Environmental Stewardship Award winners manage large numbers of cows on pasture and have made strategic decisions to intensively manage […] Read more

Establishing cost of production for pastures means figuring out what the land is worth for rent.

Riding the learning curve on pasture cost of production

The first year will be the toughest, but after that figuring costs should be easier

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farmers may have to rethink some common cost-of-production parameters, but it should be possible to accurately track the financial impact of growing pastures. Grazing specialists explored cost-of-production parameters during a panel discussion at the March Profitable Pastures conference, put on by the Ontario Forage Council in Mount Forest. Why it matters: Soil health can benefit […] Read more

Grazing corn stalks is one option producers have to extend the grazing season.

Cover crop grazing can benefit cattle and soil

Farmers able to extend grazing and save hay costs by planting and managing their cover crops

Reading Time: 4 minutes Grazing beef cattle on cover crops is a great way to save on feed costs and it’s good for the soil, according to three panelists at the Grey-Bruce Farmer’s Week Beef Day. Why it matters: Integrating animals into cropping systems creates a more complete nutrient cycle. Adam Shea, who farms in eastern Ontario, has a […] Read more

American researchers say there are benefits to taking cattle off pasture in early September.

Study questions benefits of extended grazing

There are benefits to taking cattle off when weight gain starts to decline – not when the grass is gone

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – For more than a decade, Canadian cattle ranchers and researchers have looked for ways to extend the grazing season. They’ve studied and implemented bale grazing, swath grazing, corn grazing, using crop residues, perennial pastures held in reserve and other techniques to keep cattle on the field in the fall and winter. Meanwhile, […] Read more

Alberta to lift residency rule for public grazing lands

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Alberta government plans to remove a restriction on non-Albertans’ use of public lands for grazing, in a bid to smooth out paths for interprovincial trade. The province on Saturday announced it will do away with eight of its declared exceptions under the interprovincial Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). Of the eight, three deal with […] Read more

U.S. to move BLM headquarters to Colorado

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management will move its headquarters to Colorado from Washington, officials said on Tuesday, sparking ire from conservationists who said the decision would weaken the agency dedicated to managing the country’s vast public lands. The Department of Interior, which oversees BLM, announced the move in letters to key congressional […] Read more

Alberta to lengthen public leases for ‘exemplary’ ranching

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ranchers who display “exemplary” stewardship as tenants on Alberta’s public lands could soon be eligible for double the term of the usual lease. The province announced Tuesday it expects the new policy to come into effect in late autumn this year and “in the coming months” will release new guidelines on what would be considered […] Read more