Corn salvage benefits will start in the future at lower DON parts per million than the current program.

Province, federal government announce corn salvage benefit

Program will gives farmers more options when corn quality is poor in the future

Farmers should have more salvage benefit options in future years if they have a serious corn quality problem like this year’s DON challenges. The federal and provincial governments recently announced a new tiered corn salvage benefit that will be introduced to production insurance plans. This is in response to requests from farmers who, as a […] Read more

After a disastrous vomitoxin outbreak, the Ontario Corn Committee is implementing a testing program that farmers have wanted for years. But will companies participate?

DON corn testing: A new era begins

After a disastrous vomitoxin outbreak, the Ontario Corn Committee is implementing a testing program that farmers have wanted for years. But will companies participate?

Ontario corn farmers have been relying on their own observations and those of their neighbours along with scant information from corn companies to make hybrid selections that lower their risk of vomitoxin. When they go to make their selections for 2020, however, they will have new independent disease risk numbers on which to base their […] Read more

Ontario farmers haven’t had much information on corn susceptibility to DON.

Corn committee launches corn DON testing

The voluntary program will inoculate corn hybrids at two locations in the province

The Ontario corn committee is requesting seed companies enter their current and new hybrids in newly created inoculated trials for susceptibility to DON. The committee says the voluntary trials will take place in both Ridgetown and Ottawa and are funded for the next two years. Why it matters: There were extensive acres of Ontario’s corn […] Read more

Developing oats that are higher yielding and disease resistant for eastern Canada are one of the areas to be managed by Grain Farmers of Ontario. Corn and soybean improvements are also a focus.

National research to address common grain issues

Provinces collaborate to leverage research dollars and expertise for greater impact

Approximately $14 million has been allocated by the federal government and industry partners to a cross-province grain research cluster, with the intention of developing more productive — and more resilient — grain varieties for Canadian farmers. Industry representatives say the investment, as well as funding commitments from organizations within the grains sector, are important for […] Read more

Farmers have been challenged by an inability to market lower-quality corn after last year’s harvest.

Loan program gets extension, funding boost

Changes made to the Commodity Loan Program to help deal with DON-infected corn financial challenges

Changes to the Commodity Loan Program (CLP) have been made to help farmers dealing with extreme harvest issues across the province. Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) asked for an extension back in November to assist farmers across the province managing challenges with corn crop quality this year. Why it matters: The CLP changes will help […] Read more

Corn infected with deoxynivalenol (DON) was more widespread than usual this year in Ontario’s crop.

Corn hybrid testing for DON needs industry support

There is currently no screening program for susceptibility to DON for corn in Ontario

Farmers continue to search for better ways to manage risk of an outbreak of deoxynivalenol (DON) in future corn crops. One of the areas of most interest is figuring out which corn hybrids are most susceptible to infection. There is currently no screening program for vomitoxin in corn hybrids in Ontario. Why it matters: Finding […] Read more

Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Province aims to strengthen farmer input with new committee

The heads of farmer, processor and agribusiness associations will be vice chairs of the committee

The Ontario government has released details on the structure and operations of its new agriculture advisory committee. The task force, first announced in November, is intended to strengthen the competitiveness of the province’s agriculture sector while working with industry on farm issues, the initiative was greeted with praise by Grain Farmers of Ontario. Why it […] Read more

Two strategies aim to increase investment in wheat and breeding.

Can royalties grow investment in cereal breeding?

Proposals would mean levies on the use of cereal seed

In an effort to increase private-sector investment in cereals research, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency have tabled two possible strategies designed to promote better returns for plant breeders. Private-sector investment in wheat and barley remains low in comparison to higher value crops such as corn, soybeans, and canola. Why it […] Read more

There remains a significant amount of DON-infected corn in fields in Ontario.

Governments promise help for farmers with DON-infected corn

There are few details yet for the federal-provincial program

The federal and provincial governments have announced steps to help Ontario corn farmers hit by high deoxynivalenol (DON), in their crop through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Why it matters: Corn farmers in Ontario are continuing to try to get their corn harvested, while dealing with serious quality issues that depending on geography and local buyers, […] Read more

A lot of corn remains in Ontario fields, now much covered by snow.

DON-infected corn storage and ethanol trials proposed

A meeting of the grain sector last week has yielded some guidance for farmers

Here’s the latest news on the managing of the DON-infected corn crop. Get the good corn off: Minister Hardeman Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Ernie Hardeman said the main message from his recent meeting of the industry is to get the good quality corn harvested. Leave the DON-infected corn in the field […] Read more