U.S. farmers cheered by apparent trade truce

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chicago | Reuters — U.S. farmers cheered the Trump administration’s announcement of a potentially dramatic increase in U.S. agricultural sales to China on Friday but warned they needed to see a follow-through of actual purchases. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the agricultural purchases could scale up to $40 billion-$50 billion annually as part of a […] Read more

Jony and Jan Roos, along with daughters Janine, four and Jessica, three. Their other children include Julian, eight and Joanna, six. They milk 2,000 to 2,500 goats near Culloden.

Oxford County goat producers named Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmers

The Roos family focuses on top management of their kid goats, including developing a record-keeping app

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jan and Jony Roos from Roos Dairy Goats were the recipients of the 2019 Ontario Outstanding Young Farmers award. The couple, with their four children, Julian (eight), Joanna (six), Janine (four) and Jessica (three), are first generation dairy goat farmers milking 2,000 to 2,500 goats in a state of the art, 100-stall rotary parlour in […] Read more

Agropur to shut Montreal-area ice cream plant

Reading Time: 1 minute A Quebec ice cream processing plant absorbed in 2017 by Canada’s biggest dairy co-operative will shut its doors in about 10 months’ time. Agropur Co-operative announced Friday it plans to close the former Les Aliments Lebel plant at Lachute, Que., just northwest of Montreal, in August 2020 and transfer the plant’s operations to other Agropur […] Read more

Farmer efficiency targets also help with areas of consumer concern.

Consumer concerns driving livestock production discussion

Working towards trouble-free animals are often areas farmers are already working to improve

Reading Time: 4 minutes Areas of consumer concern like climate change and animal welfare are driving the livestock discussion, but farmers are already regularly improving both areas while they make their farms more efficient. That was the message from recent interviews conducted by Farmtario with a member of the leadership team behind Lactanet’s annual ranking of herd management scores […] Read more

The biodigester at Harcolm Farms.

Mini-biodigester offers big output for Ontario dairy farm

Ontario’s only mini-biodigester has been operating for more than a year and has changed how Harcolm Farms manages manure

Reading Time: 3 minutes After about 18 months of operation, Ontario’s one and only mini-digester is going strong. It’s situated at Harcolm Farms near Beachville, Ont., and owned by dairy farmers Rob and Rachel McKinlay. Minis are a fraction of the cost of a full-sized digester (there are more than 40 here in Ontario) and require much simpler permitting. […] Read more

Letter to the Editor: A2 milk needed for infants and babies

Reading Time: 1 minute Dear Editor, The on-farm dairy of Sheldon Creek is definitely a good news story in their ability to market A2 milk to the consumer directly but if the latest study on A2 milk is any indication of the future, then Canadian dairy supply management is short-changing the consumer. The study called “Effects of Conventional Milk […] Read more

Dairy cattle are increasingly bred to beef bulls as sexed semen and genomics allow better choices on top dairy cattle.

Dairy-to-beef breeding reaches new levels

Genomics cited as key factor in boosting the dairy farming trend

Reading Time: 3 minutes Breeding of Holstein dairy cows to Holstein bulls has hit an all-time-low according to the Canadian Dairy Network — a clear indication of the growing popularity of using sexed semen for top milk-producing herd members and using beef semen on the rest. The trend is not confined to Canada. A recent article published by the […] Read more

Canada's dairy farms have faced difficulties as of late with declining milk prices and a lack of new quota growth.

Editorial: Dairy compensation plan announcement ill-timed

Reading Time: 3 minutes Governments can be ham-fisted and tone deaf, a symptom of their huge, creaking architecture. They throw new coats of paint out to different areas of the economy just before elections. That lack of tact was in full display recently when Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s minister of agriculture and agri-food, announced a $1.75 billion, eight-year program for […] Read more

Bonnie den Haan explains the bottling procedure at Sheldon Creek Dairy.

Diversifying dairy

Small on-farm dairies are at forefront of introducing milk with more easily-digested proteins

Reading Time: 5 minutes An Ontario dairy farm and processor is the first to bring A2 milk to Ontario customers. Sheldon Creek Dairy at Loretto, Ont. launched its A2 milk venture earlier in 2019, becoming Ontario’s first and only the second dairy in Canada to sell this type of milk. Why it matters: A2 milk was identified decades ago […] Read more

Future payouts from dairy fund still up for discussion

Reading Time: 2 minutes What happens to the rest of Canada’s eight-year, $1.75 billion funding envelope to compensate its dairy farmers for other countries’ gains in market access is still up for discussion, according to the federal ag minister. In a statement Wednesday, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said Ottawa gets that Canadian dairy farmers want more direct payments beyond […] Read more