Some other countries use regular surveillance of milk to track disease, such as the Netherlands and Ireland.

Province-wide bulk tank samples to track disease prevalence

Research project could help with individual farm and provincial disease management

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario bulk tank samples will be screened for diseases in a broad look aimed at determining disease prevalence in Ontario herds. The provincial government recently announced financial support for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DF)-led effort to establish annual testing of bulk tank samples for a roster of infectious diseases. Why it matters: Some diseases […] Read more

Dairy farmers have taken numerous steps to reduce costs due to COVID-19 uncertainty.

Turning off the milk tap

Dairy farmers are learning to manage larger changes in demand due to COVID-19

Reading Time: 4 minutes Signs that dairy markets may be stabilizing will come as welcome news for the industry. The past three months since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a roller coaster ride for producers, who have worked to match frequent shifts in demand, and changes in how much they get paid for their milk, with […] Read more

The 40,000-litre tower now in use at Grootendorst Farms near Maryhill sits atop a 12-foot by 12-foot concrete pad.

Test period underway for vertical milk storage in Ontario

Approved sampling protocols must be expanded for towers to come into use

Reading Time: 4 minutes A test period has begun on a 600-cow dairy farm near Maryhill for the use of a 40,000-litre vertical milk tank. It isn’t currently legal for use on-farm to cool and store milk in Ontario because milk truck drivers can’t see, smell and sample the milk as prescribed under the Milk Act. Why it matters: […] Read more

Some farmers will have to dump milk in order to try to help right the dairy supply chain.

Some Ontario milk not being picked up as market shifts

Closure of restaurants and food service due to COVID-19 has challenged processors

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hundreds of Ontario dairy farmers won’t have their milk picked up and potentially into the future because of gluts of milk at processors due to market changes from COVID-19. Dairy Farmers of Ontario let its farmers know on March 31 that some will have to dump their milk due to huge changes in the milk […] Read more

The challenge with fluid milk

Processors struggle with fluid milk profitability while dairy farmers work hard to rebuild the market

Reading Time: 3 minutes The profit and loss for fluid milk in Ontario is “already bust,” says a dairy processing company executive. Mark Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Lactalis Canada, the parent company of Parmalat, told the annual meeting of Dairy Farmers of Ontario that fluid milk consumption had a large drop in 2013 and has stagnated […] Read more

Cookies and milk were received at festivals, community events, tree farms and other places in Ontario where people were celebrating the holidays. The truck also visited shelters, fire fighters, police officers and crossing guards.

Farmer co-op delivers 24 days of ‘holiday cheer’ in the form of milk and cookies

Gay Lea and Ontario’s dairy farmers head to places celebrating the holidays in a specially outfitted truck

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gay Lea Foods and Dairy Farmers of Ontario took Christmas cheers directly to their customers, with a milk and cookie delivery truck that showed up where people were enjoying their favourite holiday traditions. The goal was to hand out 1,400 cookies and cartons of milk per day for 24 days in December, representing the 1,400 […] Read more

Editorial: Farm group management changing quickly

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s a time of generational change in Ontario’s major farm organizations, with significant retirements of long-time stabilizing influences and the hiring of new leaders of a different generation. Neil Currie, for 19 years general manager of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), and Dave Stewart, executive director of Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO), where he’d […] Read more

Cheryl Smith is the new CEO of Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario hires new CEO

Cheryl Smith will fill the position that has been vacant for about six months

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s board of directors has announced Cheryl Smith has been hired as chief executive officer (CEO). She comes to Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) from Parmalat where she recently retired after being a member of the executive team and general manager of the cheese division. She has 30 years of leadership experience, […] Read more

A third-party review of Holstein Canada’s cyber security will take a few weeks.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario suspends cattle assessments after Holstein Canada data breach

Holstein Canada manages cattle assessments under the proAction quality assurance program

Reading Time: < 1 minute The assessment of dairy cattle under the sector’s quality assurance proAction program has been suspended in Ontario after a data breach at Holstein Canada. Dairy Farmers of Ontario sent a communique to its members about the security issue on July 25. It says that the data breach was because a file transfer protocol (FTP) site […] Read more

American dairy farms are in their fifth year of chronically low milk prices.

Editorial: U.S. ponders its dairy future

Reading Time: 3 minutes You can tell every five to 10 years that the American milk situation is getting particularly dire, when they start having more discussions about supply management. American dairy farms are in their fifth year of chronically low milk prices, which declined quickly in late 2014 from about $25 per hundredweight of milk to a range […] Read more