Neil Currie has joined Bioenterprise.

Neil Currie now working with Bioenterprise

Organization looking for COVID-19 solutions to fund in agri-food

Reading Time: < 1 minute Neil Currie has joined Bioenterprise. The former general manager of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture recently joined Bioenterprise Corporation, the organization that funds agriculture and food innovation and technology. Bioenterprise said in a release that the addition of Currie is in line with its objective to increase its presence and visibility with production agriculture and […] Read more

Getting new graduates onto farms proved helpful in making them comfortable in farm technology jobs.

Recruiting outside of ag schools

New-graduate program brings in aggies and non-aggies

Reading Time: 3 minutes A program that linked new graduates, many from non-agriculture programs, with agriculture companies, could provide lessons to the sector in how to recruit new employees. Why it matters: The agriculture industry has a chronic shortage of workers, with the University of Guelph reporting that each of its graduates usually has four jobs waiting for them. […] Read more