Russia-based Cognitive Agro Pilot offers an autonomous combine navigation system that relies on a self-contained camera system rather than on GPS.

Company uses AI to guide combines

Cognitive Agro Pilot relies more on sensing objects in the field instead of GPS to guide it

Reading Time: 3 minutes Artificial intelligence systems introduced into combine threshing systems enable the machines to automatically self-adjust to minimize losses and improve grain quality without operator input. Cognitive Agro Pilot’s system differs from the others. Instead of relying on a satellite signal, the system uses a camera to read the terrain ahead and its AI programming decides how […] Read more

Letters: European equipment imports happen for a reason

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dear editor, I have read the story in Farmtario quoting Bev Leavitt, head of CEEDA, Canada East Equipment Dealers Association, crying wolf about farmers buying agricultural machinery from Europe. Maybe it would be good to consider the reasons why this is happening. First of all, this is far from being a common practice. Between the […] Read more

File photo of Rocky Mountain’s dealership at High River, Alta. (Country Guide photo by Scott Garvey)

Equipment dealer chain Rocky Mountain to go private

Publicly traded CNH dealer's top brass make offer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s biggest farm equipment dealership chain has made a deal to take itself private after almost 13 years on the TSX. Rocky Mountain Dealerships (RME) announced Monday it has an agreement in place with a numbered Alberta company controlled by CEO Garrett Ganden and board chairman Matthew Campbell, for 100 per cent of RME at […] Read more

Perry Casson, founder of FarmTRX, has a look at a combine.

Universal yield monitor available in Ontario

FarmTRX system adaptable to all combines, old and new

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Troo Corp., a web-based mapping and tracking company, released a universally adaptable, Canadian-designed yield monitor in Ontario this year. Called FarmTRX, the company is touting the technology as cost-effective, accurate, and easy-to-use yield mapping system that can be retrofitted onto combines of all colours, size, and vintage. Why it matters: Yield monitoring technology is […] Read more

X9 combines have wider feeder-houses, dual separators and more than 70 square feet of grain processor. Also for 2021 are new headers including drapers up to 50 feet.

New big green machine heads out to harvest

John Deere continues the trend towards combines that put through more grain per day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – It’s a 10. A big green number 10. Whether the new Deere combine is a Class 10 is a debate for engineers comparing horsepower and thresher size, because it still isn’t a well-defined grouping for combines. But the new machines from Moline have more capacity than most and Deere has branded it […] Read more

Slowing down is not enough to remedy harvest grain loss from combines.

Adjusting your combine to reduce harvest loss

PAMI engineer offer tips on now to make sure your grain goes into the hopper, not out the back

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joel McDonald, an engineer working for PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute), has spent years evaluating combine performance. “This is a quote I like to use about managing your harvest, and your combine,” he told a crowd in Brandon, Man. “‘A combine is a highly complex factory with a continually changing feed stock.’ That’s no big […] Read more

Jeremy Noble of HJV Equipment, a Claas Lexion dealer says it’s important to verify the information on monitors by calibrating those  numbers with actual weights  from the combine.

Combine readiness heading to the field

Check and replace parts as needed, and calibrate — but do not over grease

Reading Time: 3 minutes Combines are large and complex machines, so it is critical to do maintenance and checks before heading to the field. Louis Melanson, a combine specialist at Case IH has 43 years of experience and currently gives nearly 40 combine maintenance clinics a year, mostly in Saskatchewan but also in Ontario. He was recently conducting clinics […] Read more

The latest in combine technology from makers can automatically control grain quality and flow, including Case IH’s line of Class 7, 9 and 9 machines.

New system adjusts combines on the fly

The AFS Harvest Command on Case combines keeps track of a machine’s settings to improve quality and savings

Reading Time: 2 minutes The automatic combine adjustment system available in the new Case 250 series combines use 16 sensors to control seven combine functions, says Ryan Blasiak, Case IH harvest marketing manager. “To make adjustments on the fly, it is super easy,” Blasiak said. “All you need is four button presses and you’re ready to hit the field […] Read more

The new Case IH line was a popular piece of equipment to visit at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Case IH introduces the 250 Series combines

The next generation Case IH combines debuted at Grand Island factory

Reading Time: 3 minutes In July, Case IH invited members of the farm media to the combine-assembly plant it shares with sister CNH Global brand New Holland in Grand Island, Nebraska. That’s where the brand wanted to give journalists their first look at the new 250 Series models. Available for the 2019 season, the 250 Series offers a host […] Read more

Redesigned track modules with a new belt design and improved suspension will offer higher road speeds.

More updates for John Deere’s S Series combine

Track suspension, header and tech improvements coming for 2019-model year combine

Reading Time: 2 minutes John Deere is offering an improved track suspension module as a factory-installed option for its S Series line of combines. The company said the module is available for 2019 model-year machines, and will be available with 30- or 36-inch (76.2 or 91.4 cm) belt widths. The new track modules see changes to the track belt […] Read more