Though beef prices have been higher in recent years, consumer demand hasn't fallen.

Ontario beef market stabilizing

Cow numbers have stopped their decline and beef price spread with the U.S. is shrinking

Kevin Grier had some good news for a change for beef farmers at their recent annual meeting. Canadians are continuing to consume beef, while paying high prices for that meat. Why it matters: There’s a lot of negative information about meat consumption, but population growth and continued support from most consumers mean demand continues to […] Read more

A cow stands in a field in Grand Bourgtheroulde, France.

Lab-grown steak could be worse for climate than belching cattle — scientists

The production processes and the types of greenhouse gases produced will be a big factor in meat’s carbon footprint

Thomson Reuters Foundation – Scientists and companies working to grow meat from animal cells will need to minimize energy use and avoid fossil fuels if claims that cultured meat is better for the climate than real meat are to hold true, researchers said. Cultured meat production with high energy inputs could spur global warming more […] Read more

The proposal to increase check-off funding for Beef Farmers of Ontario passed with a significant majority this year.

The repercussions of a $1.50 beef check-off increase

A proposal that failed last year to boost marketing funds passed at this year’s BFO annual meeting

Beef farmers have approved an increase of $1.50 in check-off per animal to fund an ambitious industry-wide marketing effort for Ontario beef. The move has been closely watched by other agriculture commodity organizations pondering their own ability to market product more effectively for their members. Farmers at the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) annual meeting […] Read more

Stakeholders will have to pay attention to what is practical and what the science says about animal welfare, cleanliness, sanitation, driving practices and species specific vulnerabilities.

Livestock transport code of practice in the works

The code will cover cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and equine for road transportation and should be completed by 2023

New regulations and a code of practice for livestock transportation are coming. The scope of the code of practice covers cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and equine for road transportation, said Jackie Wepruk of the National Farm Animal Care Council. Why it matters: Consumers are becoming more aware and more concerned that sound animal welfare practices […] Read more

A new project is targeting Bovine Respiratory Disease in cattle.

Immune test could help reduce Bovine Respiratory Disease in cattle

A group of cattle industry players are working together to develop a high-immune response test for Angus cattle, which could help fight Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). The project, which received $500,000 in funding in early February from Genome Canada’s Genomic Application Partnership Program, aims to reduce the $1 billion BRD is estimated to cost the […] Read more

Bovine TB probe expands to Saskatchewan

Updated, Dec. 24 — Some cattle in Saskatchewan are now under federally imposed movement controls as testing for bovine tuberculosis expands to 14 domestic herds in three provinces. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Friday the tracing of a single case of bovine TB in a beef cow from a farm in British Columbia’s southern […] Read more