Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating.

Canadian beef exports worth $600 per head

More capacity is needed to certify producers with cattle that qualify for EU export

Canadian beef exports add at least $600 per head in value, compared to the domestic market, and numbers show that trade is accelerating. Deals like the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership with Pacific Rim countries push down tariffs and open doors to high-value markets like Japan. “There has been triple the volume of […] Read more

Highly heritable traits are most important when choosing heifers to retain in the herd.

What to look for when picking replacements

Producers should take a good look at both calf and cow

As calving season comes to a close for Ontario beef farmers, producers must decide which animals to keep for replacements. Why it matters: Selecting the best heifers determines long-term herd health and herd expansion. Raising replacement heifers comes with considerable cost, so heifers selected for breeding must perform well and supply hardy and high quality […] Read more

Multi paddock systems allow for grass regrowth and optimal feed for cows and calves.

Cattle turnout timing a balance of forage growth, nutrition

Maintaining top feed quality should be the goal of any pasture system

Producers anxious to turn cattle out onto pasture after the long winter months could sacrifice pasture yield later in the summer if the cattle are turned out too quickly. Why it matters: Turning cattle out to pastures too early or too late has consequences on the cattle’s health, the forage quality and quantity. Tim Prior […] Read more

U.S. farmers face devastation following Midwest floods

Winslow, Neb./Chicago | Reuters — Midwestern farmers have been gambling they could ride out the U.S.-China trade war by storing their corn and soybeans anywhere they could — in bins, plastic tubes, in barns or even outside. Now, the unthinkable has happened. Record floods have devastated a wide swath of the Farm Belt across Iowa, […] Read more

Livestock, pets among victims in U.S. Midwest flooding

Reuters — The floods that have devastated large swaths of Nebraska and Iowa since late last week left house pets homeless, inflicted an unknown toll on livestock and led to several daring water rescues of animals from dogs to horses. Rescuers in the Omaha area, where the Platte, Elkhorn and Missouri rivers began spilling over […] Read more

Though beef prices have been higher in recent years, consumer demand hasn't fallen.

Ontario beef market stabilizing

Cow numbers have stopped their decline and beef price spread with the U.S. is shrinking

Kevin Grier had some good news for a change for beef farmers at their recent annual meeting. Canadians are continuing to consume beef, while paying high prices for that meat. Why it matters: There’s a lot of negative information about meat consumption, but population growth and continued support from most consumers mean demand continues to […] Read more

A cow stands in a field in Grand Bourgtheroulde, France.

Lab-grown steak could be worse for climate than belching cattle — scientists

The production processes and the types of greenhouse gases produced will be a big factor in meat’s carbon footprint

Thomson Reuters Foundation – Scientists and companies working to grow meat from animal cells will need to minimize energy use and avoid fossil fuels if claims that cultured meat is better for the climate than real meat are to hold true, researchers said. Cultured meat production with high energy inputs could spur global warming more […] Read more

The proposal to increase check-off funding for Beef Farmers of Ontario passed with a significant majority this year.

The repercussions of a $1.50 beef check-off increase

A proposal that failed last year to boost marketing funds passed at this year’s BFO annual meeting

Beef farmers have approved an increase of $1.50 in check-off per animal to fund an ambitious industry-wide marketing effort for Ontario beef. The move has been closely watched by other agriculture commodity organizations pondering their own ability to market product more effectively for their members. Farmers at the Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) annual meeting […] Read more