Bovine TB probe expands to Saskatchewan

Updated, Dec. 24 — Some cattle in Saskatchewan are now under federally imposed movement controls as testing for bovine tuberculosis expands to 14 domestic herds in three provinces. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced Friday the tracing of a single case of bovine TB in a beef cow from a farm in British Columbia’s southern […] Read more

Bovine TB case turns up in southern B.C.

Federal food safety officials are now looking into the life story of a slaughtered British Columbia beef cow confirmed with bovine tuberculosis. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on Monday announced it has launched an investigation after a mature beef cow was confirmed Nov. 9 with bovine TB. The case comes a few months after the […] Read more

Ontario beef farmers are losing $200 to $300 per head.

Livestock price drop being felt by farmers

An August drop in prices in pork and beef mean losses across the province

The drop in the livestock markets in the past couple of months is concerning because the factors that created it show little sign of abating. “I think if we saw an end in sight, we’d ride through it,” said Joe Hill, president of the Beef Farmers of Ontario. “Unfortunately this is more than just (the […] Read more

Beef Farmers of Ontario designs profitability calculator

Calculator will estimate cow-calf producer finances based on herd and production practices

Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) has recently launched a cost of production calculator to help Ontario beef farmers determine how much they spend to produce their cattle. Production practices on Ontario beef farms vary significantly, and that means nailing down cost of production has been difficult. Creating useful numbers has been challenging and historically have […] Read more

The number of beef heifers retained for breeding declined by 2.6 per cent.

Canadian cattle herd numbers keep dropping

It’s at its lowest point since 1988, dropping 26.3 per cent from a peak recorded in 2005

The Canadian cattle herd continues to shrink and is at the lowest July 1 number since 1988, Statistics Canada reported in its summer inventory report. Breeding stock numbers are also down and many in the industry say it is unlikely to improve, at least in Western Canada, because drought and resulting feed shortages will force […] Read more

Trucker shortage troublesome for Prairie cattle industry

CNS Canada — As large volumes of cattle make their way to western Canadian auction marts this fall, buyers are having problems finding truckers to haul them. Those problems may get worse in the future, as federal regulations for cattle hauling could possibly change. “I would say it’s worse this year than other years so […] Read more

New livestock transport regulations are coming, but are likely going to be delayed.

Livestock transport regulations could drive change

Studies show national standards are mostly being met for cattle rest, but experts say humans involved need consideration too

Everyone involved in the process has responsibility for maintaining animal welfare when shipping beef cattle, especially animals trucked long distances. If anything goes wrong, then it needs to be communicated back down the shipping chain. Those were the key messages from Kincardine-area feedlot operator Steve Eby during a session on moving cattle long distances during […] Read more