New livestock transport regulations are coming, but are likely going to be delayed.

Livestock transport regulations could drive change

Studies show national standards are mostly being met for cattle rest, but experts say humans involved need consideration too

Everyone involved in the process has responsibility for maintaining animal welfare when shipping beef cattle, especially animals trucked long distances. If anything goes wrong, then it needs to be communicated back down the shipping chain. Those were the key messages from Kincardine-area feedlot operator Steve Eby during a session on moving cattle long distances during […] Read more

Some industry representatives feel that the current ear tag system is not being used to its full potential.

Information-sharing in the beef value chain still in its infancy

Many see the potential but few are seeing the rewards of beef traceability systems

Beef traceability systems have proven their worth during disease outbreaks but the benefits are far less tangible when it comes to meaningful connections between players in the value chain, a panel discussion during the Canadian Beef Industry Conference was told. “We’ve spent thousands of dollars putting those (Canadian Cattle Identification Agency) tags in ears, and […] Read more