Ontario Federation of Agriculture to develop ag jobs support system

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has received funding to develop a comprehensive support system for agriculture and food employers and job seekers. The funding comes from the federal-provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership and and is part of a targeted intake created April 17 to help address labour supply and training challenges in agriculture and food. […] Read more

The challenge to stay open and maintain social distancing amidst COVID-19 is seeing many farmers markets move online.

Governments funding farmers’ move to online sales

Direct-to-consumer sales from farms has quickly moved digital

Reading Time: < 1 minute Many farmers have moved to marketing their food and plants through the internet and they now have the chance for government help to fund that transition. The Ontario and Canadian governments are investing $2.5 million the new Agri-Food Open for E-Business initiative through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). Organizations and businesses can apply for a […] Read more

Ontario offers cash for abattoir upgrades

Applications now being accepted through April

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ontario’s 123 provincially-licensed abattoirs can now start applying for a piece of $2 million in federal/provincial funding to step up food safety, biosecurity and animal welfare measures. The Ontario and federal governments on Wednesday announced applications for cost-share funding can be submitted between now and April 30, “as long as funding for the initiative is […] Read more

Subsidy for grain dryer upgrades in Alberta draws critics

Reading Time: 2 minutes Concerns are being raised over a new program for grain drying being offered to Alberta residents. The federal and Alberta governments recently announced Alberta farmers seeking to make grain dryer improvements will have access to funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The Efficient Grain Dryer Program aims to cover costs for energy efficiency improvements to […] Read more

Alberta program to cost-share grain dryer upgrades

Applicants under previous FEAP plan eligible

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta plans to use federal and provincial funding to help grain growers cut the energy bills from grain drying with more fuel-efficient equipment. The provincial government on Friday announced what it’s dubbed the Efficient Grain Dryer Program, backed by $2 million from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership federal/provincial funding framework. Applicants can get 50 per cent […] Read more

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is investing over $294-thousand towards research into antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance.

Antimicrobial monitoring project gets support

Reading Time: < 1 minute A project to monitor antimicrobial resistance in beef feedlots recently received funding. The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) welcomed the investment of up to $294,314 through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to conduct new research on the “National Surveillance of Antimicrobial Use and Antimicrobial Resistance in Ontario Feedlot Cattle”. “Collecting antimicrobial use (AMU) and antimicrobial resistance […] Read more

Ontario’s broiler egg tracking systems backed for upgrades

Reading Time: < 1 minute Systems used to track broiler hatching egg and chick production in Ontario will get upgrades using federal-provincial cost-shared funding. The federal and Ontario governments on Monday last week announced up to $141,450 through the Place to Grow: Agri-food Innovation Initiative, a Canadian Agricultural Partnership program, for the Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg and Chick Commission (OBHECC). […] Read more

If a cover crop is to survive after a corn crop in Ontario, it has to be interseeded.

Cover crops: Short-term pain but long-term gain

A U.S. study underlines the benefits, but costs of adoption can be higher north of the border

Reading Time: 4 minutes A new, coast-to-coast study in the U.S. tracks five years of the financial benefits of including cover crops in corn and soybean rotations, but the numbers may not apply in Ontario. Why it matters: One factor that can prevent adoption of cover crops is the effect on bottom line due to additional costs such as […] Read more

Agricultural Adaptation Council loses funding role to OMAFRA

The Agricultural Adaptation Council has meted out government funding to organizations for years

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Ontario government is taking Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding for organizations and partnerships in house, a significant blow to the industry-led Agricultural Adaptation Council, which has administered such programs for 23 years. “We’re disappointed with the province’s decision,” said Terry Thompson, executive director of the AAC. “The decision to abandon industry-led delivery is a […] Read more

The changes have simplified how evidence for claims can be provided.

The new look for the wildlife damage compensation program

There have been several changes to the program to make it easier for farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program has changed. The program is designed to help farmers whose livestock, poultry or bees have been killed or injured by predators. Why it matters: The changes are designed improve access to compensation once livestock is lost to predators. Some key changes include: More ways to provide sufficient evidence to […] Read more