Processing tomato negotiations have been completed for the 2019 crop.

More changes coming to processing vegetable marketing

Agriculture Minister Hardeman directing changes including more open marketing

Ontario’s processing vegetable growers thought they were seeing a return to some semblance of normalcy in their organization and the way their products are marketed. But the provincial government and the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission isn’t done with them yet. Ernie Hardeman, Ontario’s minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs posted a letter this […] Read more

Lactanet brings together herd management and genetics organizations from across the country into one partnership.

Dairy partnership finalized, called Lactanet

Partnership brings together CanWest DHI, Valacta and Canadian Dairy Network

Canada’s new dairy information organization has a name and will be in effect as of June 3. Lactanet was formed out of a partnership that includes CanWest DHI and Valacta – which provide herd management and milk testing services, and the Canadian Dairy Network, the national repository of genetic data for the major dairy breeds. […] Read more

Ontario Premier Doug Ford waves during his unofficial swearing in ceremony last summer.

OMAFRA takes a large cut in Ontario budget

Investments made in broadband internet, focus put on reducing deficit

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) was budgeted for a cut of more than $200 million by 2020 in the recent provincial budget. The first budget from the provincial Progressive Conservative government included modest increases to health and education budgets, but cuts to most other ministries, including agriculture. The actual budget […] Read more

It looks like Versatile’s new Nemesis tractor line could also wear Kubota name badges.

Kubota-Versatile deal not a surprise

The Winnipeg company will begin to build a mid-range horsepower tractor for Kubota ‘immediately’

When the news release from Versatile (Buhler Industries) first popped up in my email inbox with the name Kubota in the heading, I thought, “Here it comes.” There’s a good reason I was bracing for a really big announcement between those two brands. The rumours around a deal between them have swirled through the agricultural […] Read more

A highway in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Each year, many highways in the state see high volumes of truck traffic as they move to get grains to port.

Road and rail investments considered in Brazil

Five exporters are considering a joint venture to tackle logjams that slow export deliveries

Sao Paulo | Reuters – The world’s big four agriculture traders and Brazilian rival Amaggi could make a joint bid to operate a road connecting Brazil’s grain belt to northern ports, while also considering an investment in a parallel railway, said the firm that conducted a study on the potential venture. Archer Daniels Midland Co. […] Read more

Brazilian soybean harvest is currently ahead of last year’s pace.

Canada in China’s soybean market penalty box

Ontario corn exports continue to be strong, likely meaning tight supplies in the province

Over the past two weeks, Ontario corn and soybean prices have dropped 15 to 20 cents per bushel for both old and new crop positions. Soft and hard red winter wheat prices are down 35 to 50 cents per bushel. Grain and oilseed futures are functioning to encourage demand through lower prices. Wheat futures are […] Read more

U.S. farmer debt-to-asset ratios are steady due to farmland keeping its value.

Economic challenges mean U.S. farm bankruptcies are up but land prices hold steady

USDA says farm real estate prices holding up, but the potential for a fall is there

Reuters – The United States Department of Agriculture is concerned about a potential decline in farmland real estate prices, but has seen no sign of that happening so far, said USDA chief economist Robert Johansson. Farmland prices are a key pillar of equity for the U.S. agricultural heartland, which has been suffering from lingering weakness […] Read more

European wheat is in good shape so far this year compared to 2018.

Wheat prices dropping as world supplies hit backlog

U.S. soy acres are down, but low prices aren’t driving a deep decline

Ontario corn and soybean prices are relatively unchanged from two weeks ago. However, winter wheat prices are down about 30 cents per bushel for old crop positions and 25 cents per bushel for new crop. Adverse logistical issues in the United States Gulf region have resulted in stronger wheat basis levels. While the wheat futures […] Read more

The Dot Technology Corp. platform will be at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show as part of a new Evolution of Farming Demonstration.

Dot autonomous platform to make eastern-Canada debut at COFS

The platform will be part of a new Evolution of Farming Demonstration at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Ontario farmers will get the chance to see the Canadian-made Dot autonomous farming platform at this year’s Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. The Dot A-U1 Power Platform is an autonomous platform with no cab and in fact, it looks little like a regular tractor. The platform attaches to implements like a drill or a sprayer unit. […] Read more

Agriculture economists see the Canadian dollar have significant effect on farm prospects in 2019.

The good, the bad, and the uncertain

Agriculture takes a cautious but optimistic economic step into 2019

The last few years have been good for business, generally speaking, but as some notable headwinds gain strength, Canadian farmers may want to approach the coming year with caution. Uncertainties regarding trade and economic health south of the border, as well as upward pressure from input costs and interest rates, make it difficult to predict […] Read more