Workers pause for a photo at Dancing Bee during a recent workday. They include Malcolm McColl, left, Edwin Newman-Jones, Travis Hill, Bill McKee, Cassandra Macklem, Jennifer Steedes, David Cressman, Todd Kalisz, John MacFarlane and Ibi Tatar.

Beekeeper makes a big bet on bees

Dancing Bee is a rapidly growing supplier of all things honey. Here’s how they got there

Reading Time: 5 minutes For more than a decade, Todd Kalisz’s adaptability and business sense has meant success for his Dancing Bee Equipment in Canton. But the business, already the largest beekeeping supplier in Canada, is taking its next leap, growing hive numbers and honey processing capacity. Why it matters: Honey bee producer numbers are growing across Canada, and […] Read more

Chicken farmers are looking for market development funding after trade deals resulted in the loss of some of their market.

Chicken, egg farmers still looking for trade package

A package for dairy farmers was announced before the current federal election

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicken and egg farmers continue to wait for a trade compensation package, which they had hoped to see before the current federal election. Their supply management cousins in dairy got the announcement they were looking for with a $1.75 billion package that will pay out $345 million in the first year of the seven-year program. […] Read more

An artist’s rendering of what the entry to the Grove could look like.

Western Fair Association launches agri-business hub

The Grove aims to be a place for agriculture and food businesses to interact and grow

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Western Fair Association has announced a new strategy that includes becoming home to a hub for agriculture and agribusiness innovation called The Grove. The Grove, to be housed in some of the buildings which once hosted the London Farm Show and the National Poultry Show, was launched Oct. 10 at an event at the […] Read more

The Ontario Food Terminal is the main hub for produce marketing in the province.

Ontario Food Terminal pushed to find more revenue, modernize

Food terminal review aims to find ways to improve its operations

Reading Time: 2 minutes The province has provided guidance to the Ontario Food Terminal after a review of its operations found it is missing some business opportunities and that its location limits its ability to expand and supply the rest of the province. The review was conducted by consulting firm MNP. Ernie Hardeman, the minister of Agriculture, Food and […] Read more

Online platform simplifies the local food supply chain

Local Line connects food buyers and sellers and is now helping with transportation logistics

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re a farmer selling products directly to consumers, restaurants or retail locations, an Ontario company believes it can simplify your process with an online platform. Local Line is an online selling platform for local food suppliers designed to help automate and streamline order fulfillment, inventory management and delivery. It started as a match-making service […] Read more

Kraft Heinz Canada uses about 180 million pounds of Ontario tomatoes in its products every year, Highbury Canco said.

Heinz renews agreement for Ontario tomatoes

Reading Time: 1 minute Highbury Canco has renewed its agreement with Kraft Heinz Canada to produce Kraft Heinz products at its Leamington, Ont., facility. The multi-year agreement is worth about $1 billion at retail value. Highbury Canco has a long-standing relationship with Kraft Heinz Canada, producing some of Canada’s most beloved brands, including Heinz beans, Heinz tomato juice and […] Read more

Case IH’s AutoBoom XRT comes with three radar sensors along the boom.

Case IH automates spray boom height on Patriots, Tridents

Radar sensors are strategically placed along the boom to manage height

Reading Time: 1 minute Case IH is offering automatic boom height control as an available feature on its Patriot and Trident lines of sprayers. The “next-generation” system automatically adjusts the booms using a combination of chassis monitoring and sensors to function as a “look ahead” and detect changes in terrain, the company said in a release. The radar sensors […] Read more

The U.S.-China trade war is getting the most attention these days, but Stefane Marion of the National Bank of Canada says 
the free trade environment of the last 20 years is under threat around the world.

International trade disputes a threat to global economy

Numerous trade disputes have broken out around the world, causing uncertainty

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Hearing all the grim talk about slowing global growth and seeing alarming signs from the bond market, it’s understandable that many believe the world is fated to fall into recession soon, acknowledges the chief economist of National Bank of Canada. But unless some wild cards get played, the actual chances of a […] Read more

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council says there are currently 16,500 jobs that can’t be filled even with the addition of 60,000 temporary foreign workers.

Comment: Agriculture needs more people and investment

Reading Time: 3 minutes Technology has always been a driving force behind productivity growth in Canadian agriculture, and the trends of mechanization and increasing farm scale have typically been associated with a need for fewer people. The threshing crews making the rounds a century ago harvesting the annual crop were replaced by tractors and threshing machines. Herbicides reduced the […] Read more

Ontario soybean crops have been most affected by current trade disputes, but as it isn’t directly targeted by China, it’s harder to get government attention.

Agriculture support programs inadequate in new trade environment

Agriculture groups are concerned existing programs won’t measure up while other countries pile billions into support for their farmers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farm leaders are worried the current suite of government risk management programs are ill-prepared to help Ontario farmers through tough times brought on by trade wars. Solid farm income over the past decade means reference margins will really have to dive in order to trigger payments from existing programs, industry sources say. The programs were […] Read more