Standardizing electronic data in agriculture can help create more effective traceability systems.

Standardizing the future of food traceability

Developing repeatable standards – and hopefully gaining a competitive advantage

Reading Time: 3 minutes As demands for more detailed traceability systems build, many are looking to blockchain technology — systems that securely record data about food at every stage in the value chain — as an ideal technological solution. Why it matters: Standardized blockchain frameworks could help speed the adoption of rigorous traceability systems, and potentially give Canadian producers […] Read more

JBS vows to monitor whole cattle supply chain’s impact on Amazon

Packer plans to move against cattle 'laundering'

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sao Paulo | Reuters — JBS SA, the world’s top meatpacker, said Wednesday it plans to combat destruction in the Amazon by monitoring its entire supply chain for deforestation by 2025, as pressure mounts from environmentalists and investors. Brazilian meatpackers are facing increasing criticism that beef production is fueling deforestation in the Amazon, where cleared […] Read more

Major grain traders’ e-transaction platform gets name

Reading Time: 2 minutes The blockchain-based global commodity transaction platform being developed by six of the world’s biggest agrifood firms is moving ahead with a new name and project leader. The six companies — ADM, Bunge, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, Cofco and Glencore Agriculture — announced Wednesday the project will be named Covantis, and have hired former ADM executive Stefano […] Read more

Keith Agoada is using a blockchain system to connect an avocado growers’ co-operative to markets.

Search still on for blockchain business value

The secure ledger system was supposed to revolutionize food transactions, but a lack of data sharing has hindered adoption

Reading Time: 3 minutes The world has been hearing about blockchain for years, but several advocates and innovators of the system admit that there’s not that much to show for it yet. Why it matters: Value chains in agriculture tend to be inefficient with the need for humans to input information and the errors that come with that. It’s […] Read more

Food processors and food systems are drawing lots of interest from data companies as they see business opportunity.

Corporate giants continue pushing food sector tech-adoption

RBC and Microsoft push greater digitization in food processing and supply chains

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an environment of ever-increasing pressure to adopt new technologies in food production, companies struggle to identify which technologies they should adopt, and who they should work with to do so — not to mention how to pay for them. According to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and tech-giant Microsoft, these three barriers reduce […] Read more

The effects are rippling all the way back to the farm helping producers capture value through niche marketing while assuring consumers they are getting what they paid for.

Traceability making its mark on food systems

From “fingerprinting” beef to blockchain technology that expose organic fraud, traceability systems are becoming more common in the food supply chain

Reading Time: 5 minutes You could call it traceability with a capital T. It’s taking various forms, but the notion of tracking ingredients from field to fork is sweeping through the food system thanks to a combination of new technology and marketplace pressures. The effects are rippling all the way back to the farm helping producers capture value through […] Read more

New system lets farmers make money off their farm data

Farmers will be able to own and control their data and decide when it can be shared or purchased

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether we know it or not, data is being gathered with every Facebook visit, link click, or Google map search we make. Smartphones transmit information about our location and activities; every online purchase provides someone with information that is used and analyzed. Most people have no idea this is happening and most certainly no idea […] Read more

Larry Reynolds, left, and Lloyd Crowe were the first users to make a sale of corn using Grain Discovery’s system.

Ontario farmers make first blockchain system corn sale

An Ontario startup company facilitated the trade of high-DON corn

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some Ontario farmers have used a new grain sales system to sell some of their corn high in DON. Prince Edward County farmers Larry Reynolds and Lloyd Crowe used the Grain Discovery platform to find a new local buyer, confirm the trade and receive payment instantly. Grain Discovery says this is the first corn trade […] Read more

ABCD quartet of grain traders partner to digitize global trades

Reading Time: < 1 minute Chicago | Reuters – The world’s four largest agribusinesses are working together to standardize and digitize international grain trades using technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, the companies announced on Thursday. Archer Daniels Midland Co, Bunge Ltd, Cargill Inc and Louis Dreyfus Co, known collectively as the ABCDs of global grain trading, said the […] Read more

U.S. soy cargo to China traded using blockchain

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters — A cargo of U.S. soybeans shipped to China has become the first fully-fledged agricultural trade conducted using blockchain, participants said Monday. Louis Dreyfus, Shandong Bohi Industry Co., ING, Societe Generale and ABN Amro took part in the trade where the sales contract, letter of credit and certificates were digitalized on the […] Read more