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U.S. oil industry seeks unusual alliance with Farm Belt against electric vehicle agenda

'We weren't born yesterday'

Reading Time: 3 minutes New York | Reuters — The U.S. oil industry is seeking to forge an alliance with the nation’s corn growers and biofuel producers to lobby against the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles, but is so far meeting a cool reception, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions. The effort marks an unusual attempt […] Read more

Corn seedlings.

Look to stand count first, uniformity second

Replanting decisions should be based on stand numbers and yield potential

Reading Time: 3 minutes As cold rain and snow fell in mid-May, Ontario farmers wondered whether early-planted grains could endure. Fortunately, it appears most have. But where replanting might be required, agronomists say it’s overall numbers that matter first. Why it matters: When determining whether replanting is necessary, calculate stand count first. Look at uniformity afterwards, as well as […] Read more

Valero Energy’s ethanol plant at Aurora, S.D., about 90 km north of Sioux Falls. (Valero.com)

COVID-19 spurs new clash between Big Oil, Big Corn

Flagging consumption leads to pressures on U.S. fuels, biofuels

Reading Time: 3 minutes New York | Reuters — A fuel demand meltdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States has started up a new fight between the oil and agriculture industries over the nation’s biofuel policy, this time over whether the policy should be suspended or expanded as a result of the crisis. The issue once […] Read more

The Andersons’ ethanol plant at Denison, Iowa. (AndersonsEthanol.com)

Trump administration weighs high-ethanol fuel waiver to placate farmers

Reading Time: 2 minutes New York | Reuters — The Trump administration is considering allowing the sale of a higher-ethanol fuel blend in the summer, a source familiar with the issue said, a move that would placate corn growers worried about the future of U.S. biofuels policy. U.S. President Donald Trump recently met with the heads of the Environmental […] Read more


Trump seen putting biofuel reform push on ice, for now

Reading Time: 3 minutes New York | Reuters — The Trump administration will delay any moves to reform the nation’s biofuel policy for about three months, according to three sources briefed on the matter — a decision one of the sources said was meant to shield farmers worried about a potential trade war with China. The decision comes after […] Read more

U.S. President Donald Trump (r) and Vice-President Mike Pence meet with Congressional leadership Dec. 7 in Washington. (Video screengrab from WhiteHouse.gov)

Trump open to biofuel policy reform, senators say

Reading Time: 2 minutes Washington | Reuters — U.S. President Donald Trump is open to reforming the country’s biofuels policy if it can be done in a way that protects jobs in both the refining and agriculture industries, senators said on Thursday after a meeting with Trump on the issue. Nine lawmakers had requested the meeting to argue that […] Read more


Trump biofuel proposals echo those of backer Icahn

Reading Time: 2 minutes New York | Reuters — Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday appeared to weigh into a debate over a controversial U.S. biofuels program with a proposal that would back the position of billionaire investor Carl Icahn, one of his wealthiest backers. In a factsheet on economic policy, the Trump campaign slammed a system of […] Read more