Survey finds support for agriculture

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Canadian consumers are confident in safety of food produced in Canada, says a recent survey.

Grassroots Public Affairs recently surveyed 1002 Canadians in an online survey and found that:

  • Nine-in-10 Canadians from coast to coast are either very or somewhat confident in the safety of food grown or produced in Canada; less so 64 per cent with the United States.
  • Six-in-10 (61 per cent) believe agriculture and agri-food has a positive impact on the Canadian environment, compared with construction and infrastructure (42 per cent) and mining and natural resources (24 per cent).
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  • About 44 per cent of Canadians believe that our agriculture and agri-food sector is likely to grow over time, while just over one-in-five (23 per cent) believe the sector is likely to shrink.
  • Only one-in-three (32 per cent) Canadians are likely to recommend a career in agriculture and agri-food.
  • Canadians hold conflicting views on agriculture’s environmental history. Thirty-six per cent say agricultural practices and methods have become less harmful to the environment over time, while 34 per cent indicate practices have become more harmful.

Grassroots Public Affairs works with agriculture and food companies to promote their messages.

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