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Silk invests in ALUS project

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Farmers involved in ALUS (Alternative Land Use Services) projects will have greater funding from a new investment in the program.

Silk, the plant-based drink company, has committed $100,00 to ALUS’s New Acre Project.

The funds will help farmers in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec to use their land in a way that qualifies as ecosystem services under ALUS.

Farmers who work with ALUS are funded to maintain and create zones on their farm that grow plants other than crops and encourage bio-diversity by providing new habitat.

“As supply chains face unprecedented pressures, it is more important than ever that Canada’s farmers have the necessary tools to provide healthy food to feed our families,” said Geneviève Bolduc, director Plant-Based Category at Danone.

“At the same time, Silk’s involvement in the New Acre Project advances our ongoing mission to support local communities and promote sustainable local practices, such as water conservation and helping pollinators, through our existing drought-resistant plants project.”

The funding will help manage and restore 90 acres of farmland in seven communities over seven years.

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