Rabies vaccinations and livestock fairs to be simplified

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The provincial government has proposed simplifying the rule that resulted in many 4-H animals having to be vaccinated for rabies before they were taken to local fairs.

The regulations implemented by the previous Liberal government required that animals that came in contact with the public had to be vaccinated.

The regulation said that as long as the animals were kept away from being touched by the general public, then the animal did not have to be vaccinated. However, some of Ontario’s fairs required all 4-H animals to be vaccinated anyway, given the difficulty of keeping the public away from animals.

The proposed changes exempt animals which will be attending a “seasonal agricultural fair” from rabies vaccinations. But it means that horses, cows, bulls, steers, calves and sheep that will be in contact with people on a regular basis will have to be vaccinated.

This would mean that petting zoos – the target of the original regulations – would still have to have their animals vaccinated.

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