Letters: A gift horse must sometimes be rejected

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Dear editor,

There is a saying that goes, never look a gift horse in the mouth. The origin, centuries old, is that if gifted a horse, don’t look in its mouth to see how old it is by checking its teeth.

But what does that mean today? The best definition found is you should accept something that is offered to you, or take advantage of an opportunity and not try to find fault or difficulties.

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Does that not fit the picture of the mayor of the Municipality of South Bruce, the council and the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee (SBCLC)? The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is a gifted horse being accepted by many organizations in many communities. The NWMO is thanked for their many gifts, but are recipients taking advantage of an opportunity and not trying to find fault or difficulties?

The NWMO is looking at the Municipality of South Bruce, “an area of rolling hills, scenic highways and warm-hearted people” as quoted from the website, as a site for a deep geological repository (DGR) just outside Teeswater.

“Teeswater is strong with agricultural roots,” as quoted from the website.

The statement always referenced by the NWMO is that the location has to be accepted by willing and well-informed communities. Many people in South Bruce and the surrounding communities are not in favour of a DGR. Many have become well informed, but not by the NWMO.

People have asked the NWMO for certain speakers they would like to hear on the topic of nuclear waste. It has not happened. Every newspaper seems to have an article about how the NWMO has given X amount of dollars for the betterment of the community. Laurie Swami, president and chief executive officer of the NWMO, in her latest flyer/newspaper release states, “We strongly believe in supporting communities in which we work.”

Is this not being a gifted horse?

The Municipality of South Bruce is advertising for a new employee — communications/public relations officer — working with the Municipality of South Bruce on a highly visible national infrastructure project. Not mentioned is that the project is the DGR. Who is paying that salary — we the taxpayers or the NWMO?

So if you like to receive a horse for a gift, go to the NWMO. If you are against the DGR, don’t receive the gift.

Make your voice/opinions heard. There are many out there who are trying but are being ignored. The NWMO is not as transparent as it claims. There is lots of information about nuclear waste and DGRs that the NWMO does not provide.

Are the mayor, council/CLC listening to all of the people in the community or just to the NWMO — taking advantage of an opportunity and not trying to find fault or difficulties?

S.A. McDonald,

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