Farmer co-op delivers 24 days of ‘holiday cheer’ in the form of milk and cookies

Gay Lea and Ontario’s dairy farmers head to places celebrating the holidays in a specially outfitted truck

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Gay Lea Foods and Dairy Farmers of Ontario took Christmas cheers directly to their customers, with a milk and cookie delivery truck that showed up where people were enjoying their favourite holiday traditions.

The goal was to hand out 1,400 cookies and cartons of milk per day for 24 days in December, representing the 1,400 dairy farmers in Manitoba and Ontario who are Gay Lea members.

Why it matters: The Christmas holidays are a prime time for connecting with consumers, especially for producers of food.

Gay Lea Foods is a farmer-owned co-operative and Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) represents dairy farmers in Ontario.

The promotion was part of a larger Gay Lea holiday promotion that involved the website and the potential to have a dozen cookies delivered to customers’ doors.

Dairy farmer Rob Goodwill, chair of Gay Lea Foods, had the chance to visit some of the locations with Santa Claus and his helper to deliver the cookies, in an old-fashioned truck. Goodwill farms near Owen Sound.

“We’re excited to be bringing our milk and cookies delivery truck to thousands of people this holiday season and look forward to celebrating alongside them while also connecting with those who make our communities better,” says Goodwill. “We have a long history of spreading joy through baking and this program gives our collective of farming families an opportunity to thank all the families who support our local farmers each and every day.”

Rob Goodwill and Santa show off the truck that passed out cookies for 24 days in December. photo: Gay Lea

The truck was out on tour for 24 days in December, stopping at skating rinks, Christmas tree farms, toboggan hills and festivals across the province. The truck also made deliveries to fire fighters, police officers and crossing guards.

Gay Lea products are used in the home baking done by many in Ontario around the holidays. Butter, especially, has seen a resurgence in the past several years as a baking ingredient, as Ontarians move back to using full-fat products with simple ingredients.

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