Cross-country milk tour to continue

Henk Shuurmans plans to leave in about six weeks, this time using a truck, with his five children taking turns travelling with him

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The Canadian Milk Tour will continue.

Henk Shuurmans, who was travelling across Canada by tractor with his wife Bettina before she was killed in an accident, told Farmtario that he will return to the road in September, but this time, in a truck.

Henk was seriously injured in the July 9 crash and says he needs six more weeks to heal his broken pelvis and ribs and to prepare a display to go on the truck.

He and Bettina were travelling across the country to experience Canada, but also to communicate about Canadian dairy farming and the supply management system to Canadians.

They had stopped at farms, cities and popular tourist sites along the way, spreading their message as they went. Their tractor, which included a large cow on the back of it, was hit by a transport truck north of Saskatoon, Sask.

Bettina’s funeral was held last week.

Henk plans to leave in September after his son Jim’s wedding on Sept. 8.

“I’d like to revisit all the farmers we got to know on our first trip, to thank them for all the support after the tragic accident. My five children will take turns traveling with me to help give the message to the Canadian public about why we want to keep our milk 100 per cent Canadian, our superior milk quality and to keep the family farm alive.”

Shuurmans says he needs to finish the tour because he and Bettina both had so much fun doing it.

“In honor of Bettina the Canadian Milk Tour from coast to coast will continue.”

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