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Preview: Canada's Digital Farm Show, Sept. 15-18

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Sevita International
Sandy Hart, Business Manager, Sevita International

A primary focus of any variety plot demonstration is to see “what’s new” in the line-up for a seed company. Yet as every farmer knows, there’s more to crop production these days than what’s in the bag. For the 2020 virtual plot demonstration at Canada’s Digital Farm Show, Sevita International will provide an overview of new soybean varieties, product knowledge and unique marketing insights, all in one place.

In agriculture, the need for diversity and flexibility provides growers with greater stability, be it with traited technologies or food-grade opportunities. And Sevita International can provide both. For this year’s demonstration plots, the company will showcase nine new GM varieties, including five featuring the Roundup Ready Xtend technology and four with the Enlist trait. They are part of a line-up of 20 GM varieties available to growers.

On the food-grade side, Sevita International has one new variety, Mirabel, to add to its list of 16 food-grade options. It’s been a tough market to maintain yet Sevita International is committed, in terms of its variety selection and in its ongoing research efforts, to build on Canada’s well-established reputation for excellence in the food-grade sector.

The company further complements its seed and research pillars with information and resources that fit a wide range of management demands

Pride Seeds
Dave Den Boer, Manager of Product Development, Pride Seeds

The line-up for Pride Seeds’ 2020 plot demonstration at Canada’s Digital Farm Show is filled with new offerings for corn hybrids, soybean varieties and even forage varieties.

In all, Pride Seeds will introduce 13 new corn hybrids that run a full spectrum of grain, silage and grazing options, along with new conventional (non-traited) hybrids. This year’s line-up will include G7 and G4 traited lines, complementing its current G2 and G8 traited hybrids.

In soybeans, the company is showcasing seven new varieties in a wide range of crop heat units with a focus on higher yields, stronger defensive characteristics and greater flexibility to manage for weed resistance. There are also varieties with the Enlist E3 trait for tolerance to Enlist Duo herbicide.

Producers looking for feed options will find a fit with a new conventional alfalfa variety and two new alfalfa mixes that include orchard grass and meadow fescue.

In these challenging times, the other priority for Pride Seeds is to provide the best in agronomic information and in-field service that goes beyond the seed that’s in the bag. Challenges continue for growers and staying ahead of the curve is part of Pride Seeds’ service.

Bill Lester, Territory Sales Manager, Bayer & Bob Thirlwall, Market Development Agronomist, Bayer

Innovation is key with demonstration plots and Bayer is really “bringing it” for the 2021 growing season. And Canada’s Digital Farm Show is pleased to be providing this quick glimpse.

In spite of the challenges in 2020’s growing season, Bayer is showcasing 12 new Dekalb corn hybrids for next year, two of which carry the new Trecepta trait for above-ground insect protection. Tricepta technology combines the VT Double Pro trait with Viptera technology, protecting corn plants against Western bean cutworm.

There are also seven new Dekalb soybean varieties for 2021 plus a diverse line-up of chemical products, including Delaro Complete, a new cereal, corn and soybean fungicide and Laudis, an expanded corn herbicide. Looking a little farther into the future, the company will add RRXCS to its line-up, with the XtendFlex soybean trait, allowing growers to use glufosinate along with glyphosate and dicamba.

Climate FieldView’s seed scripting is another offering from Bayer, combining the power of a grower’s own data with the strength of relationships company representatives continue to build. It’s a hallmark of Bayer’s business strategy –finding solutions to challenges that allow their customers to continue operating –and prospering.

Ken Brett, District Sales Manager ALPINE®, & Larry Balion, Brand Manager, ALPINE®

Yield is undeniably the most important metric in row-cropping yet the importance of feeding the soil that feeds the plants can’t be underestimated. That is why Canada’s Digital Farm Show is pleased to offer this look at ALPINE®‘s line-up for its demonstration plots for 2020 and what’s ahead for the 2021 growing season.

The continuing focus on soil health is paramount for ALPINE®, with F18Max and K19S. F19S trialled last year and was commercially available in 2020. K19S is in its second year of trials at the plot and farm level and is a companion for UAN side-dress applications. Both products feature K-Tech potassium and have the highest plant uptake among foliar applications currently on the market.

Also new for 2021, ALPINE® has partnered with Precision Planting to provide an equipment rebate program of up to $150 per plant row per year over three years with purchases of K-Tech in-furrow starters and sidedress products.

Another hallmark of ALPINE®’s service is recognizing the value of 4R Stewardship –applying the right source, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. It’s imperative, not just in terms of public perception but because it’s what’s right for the plants: it’s a win for everyone.

Maizex Seeds
Stephen Denys, Brand Director, Maizex Seeds

The 2020 growing season has presented a world of challenges, forcing growers and companies to adjust from conventional practices. Maizex Seeds is making similar adjustments in how it communicates with farm customers, including a virtual plot tour in conjunction with Canada’s Digital Farm Show.

In spite of the challenges in 2020’s growing season, Maizex Seeds has a full line-up of 13 hybrids, new for 2021. Using the company’s website, growers can also see everything from MZ 1200DBR, its earliest VT DoublePro hybrid, to MZ 5088DBR, also with VT DoublePro technology that can handle intensive management.

In soybeans, there are four new options, including an Xtend variety with excellent white mould tolerance and three Enlist E3 varieties, in a range from 2850 to 3150 CHUs with different strengths and characteristics.

The uncertainties surrounding the global pandemic have forced growers and companies to revise their operations in order to adjust to changing practices within the food value chain. That’s one of a number of challenges facing everyone in the agri-business community, one that Maizex Seeds takes very seriously. Its focus on solidifying relationships, spurring innovation and finding value for its customers has never been more focused.

Stayed tuned for watch times.

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