AgriRecovery launched for Northwestern Ontario farmers

Applications to provide emergency support to producers incurring extraordinary costs to feed livestock due to drought will be accepted until Nov. 1.

Details on the AgriRecovery funding announced last month to help drought-stricken farmers in Northwestern Ontario are now available.

The Canada-Ontario Transported Feed AgriRecovery Initiative is now accepting applications until November 1, 2021 and will provide emergency support to producers who are incurring extraordinary costs to feed livestock due to drought conditions in the Kenora, Rainy River and Thunder Bay regions. The maximum funding available per applicant is $220 per head of cattle. Other livestock species such as bison, elk, equine, alpacas, llamas, deer, sheep and goat are eligible as well. Funding will be provided in two payments to help farmers address both immediate costs and those during the winter.

The Province announced last month that it would provide up to $5 million through its provincial cost-share portion of the federal AgriRecovery program to help farmers with the cost of caring for their animals now and through the winter. This investment builds on the previously announced $2 million in provincial support for the Northwestern Livestock Emergency Assistance Initiative which provided assistance for emergency feed, water and fencing.

AgriRecovery is a federal-provincial-territorial relief framework to help agricultural producers with the extraordinary costs associated with recovering from natural disasters. Eligible costs will be supported on the 60-40 cost-shared federal-provincial basis outlined under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The previously announced Temporary Fencing & Emergency Water component under the Northwestern Livestock Emergency Assistance Initiative will continue to be open to producers through Agricorp until November 1, 2021.

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