A new utensil for agriculture vocabulary

Utensil aims to help anyone interested in agriculture to better understand its sometimes confusing terms

The new Utensil site aims to demystify sometimes-confusing agriculture terms.
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The vocabulary of agriculture can be difficult for someone new to the sector, or when trying to share information with the public. A new online service, Utensil.ca, has been launched to help producers, industry members and the public learn more about the vocabulary of this vast industry.

Why it matters: Agriculture industry members are used to language and terms, but trying to share their knowledge with others the proper vocabulary can be difficult. Utensil.ca was created to help.

Utensil.ca is free to use and contains the Utensil Guide, the “plain language guide to food and farming” with 500 terms and explanations and the ability for more to be added.

The terms are all searchable by term, acronym or sector, each with an explanation, and links to other credible resources.

“Agriculture and food has unique vocabulary by sector and region, with many acronyms,” says Crystal Mackay, CEO of Loft32 and co-founder of Utensil. “Utensil Guide will help people who work within the food system by giving them language they need to learn about new topics and communicate more effectively.”

As well, the webpage contains Utensil 101, Utensil Training and Utensil Talent Stable providing the opportunity for training, workshops and learning opportunities to better ones’ ability to learn and promote the agriculture sector.

“We want you to be comfortable and confident in all conversations about food and farming,” says Andrew Campbell, farmer and co-founder.  “Whether you are new to the agriculture and food sectors, or you want extend your knowledge beyond just one or two sectors, Utensil.ca is that kickstart to help you.”


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