SoilOptix soil maps can now be used in Climate FieldView.

Ontario ag data providers partner with Climate FieldView

Reading Time: < 1 minute Climate FieldView has added two more local partners. Farmers can now load information from SoilOptix and A&L Laboratories into Climate FieldView and use that information to deepen their analysis with the crop production management tool. “Our goal from a supporting farmer perspective and those who help them is about getting all their data in one […] Read more

Michael Kauzlaric, technology scout with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre said the Jupiter variety is looking especially strong for Ontario.

New table grape varieties for Ontario could diversify market

Ontario growers have only had one main short-season variety to grow

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s lots of unrealized potential in the table grape market in Ontario, as one variety has dominated production. That’s about to change. Ontario’s main homegrown fresh table grape is a variety called Sovereign Coronation, a semi-seedless blue grape that’s ready for market over a six- to eight-week period in late summer and early fall. Driven […] Read more

The U.S. government has implemented policies supportive of corn, but not of soybean prices.

China-U.S. trade dispute likely to drag on, affecting price

U.S. ethanol policy change could increase demand by two billion bushels

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ontario farmers have harvested 60 per cent of the soybeans and 25 per cent of the corn as of Oct. 21. American farmers have combined 49 per cent of the corn and 53 per cent of the soybeans. The seven- to 10-day forecast calls for seasonal temperatures with limited precipitation, which should allow producers to […] Read more

Farmers have been hard-pressed to find dry enough days to harvest soybeans in Ontario.

Rain continues to hamper North American harvest

Tariff war has implications on how U.S. farmers usually sell their crop

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ontario farmers have harvested 25 per cent of the soybeans and 15 per cent of the corn as of Oct. 7. Harvest selling pressure along with the stronger Canadian dollar has weighed on the corn and wheat markets. However, Canadian soybean prices are holding value due to strong Chinese demand. Quick look Soybeans: Ontario market […] Read more

The number of industrial hemp acres has been growing slowly in Ontario.

New markets for hemp emerge with cannabis legalization

New hemp derivatives will be able to be sold, which could make it more attractive in Ontario

Reading Time: 3 minutes Industrial hemp growers may encounter a growing market as the Canadian government moves towards cannabis legalization. Part of the new federal cannabis legislation involves updating industrial hemp regulations to allow growers to harvest the flowering heads, branches and leaves of the crop for immediate sale to licensed cannabis processors — thereby making use of its […] Read more

Potash supply is increasing as new mines come on line.

Global fertilizer market prices vary

An expected drop in potash prices has not happened as quickly as thought

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fertilizer prices are expected to vary over the next few months, with some types continuing to increase while others should drop, according to an analyst. Why it matters: Fertilizer can make up a sizable portion of farmers’ input costs, so rises and falls in the market can significantly impact farm margins. “The fertilizer market has […] Read more

Getting new graduates onto farms proved helpful in making them comfortable in farm technology jobs.

Recruiting outside of ag schools

New-graduate program brings in aggies and non-aggies

Reading Time: 3 minutes A program that linked new graduates, many from non-agriculture programs, with agriculture companies, could provide lessons to the sector in how to recruit new employees. Why it matters: The agriculture industry has a chronic shortage of workers, with the University of Guelph reporting that each of its graduates usually has four jobs waiting for them. […] Read more

Biofuel or Corn Syrup, gasoline, energy, environmentalist

Sarnia named as site of new biodiesel plant

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Sarnia area is set to get another bio-economy plant. Benefuel, a producer of biodiesel, has named Sarnia as the location of its first full-scale commercial plant. The company, based in Texas, uses a patented catalyst technology to produce low-carbon intensity biodiesel from food and agriculture waste streams. Why it matters: The Benefuel plant will […] Read more